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Light of the World

Short, evangelistic giveaway

Jonathan Griffiths



Light of the World

Short, evangelistic giveaway

Jonathan Griffiths


This is the eBook version of Light of the World, the eBook can be downloaded onto a number of different devices including, Mac, PC, Kindle, etc. A help document can be found here explaining how to access your files. This eBook is available FREE with a purchase of the physical version of Light of the World, click here to buy.

Are you searching for something this Christmas?

Perhaps, like so many people, you are seeking meaning or peace or hope. Maybe you even wonder where Jesus Christ—the figure at the heart of Christmas—fits amongst it all.

The traditional image of a baby in a manger is a tender one but we miss out on the significance of Jesus if we reduce him to just one small part of the festivities.

The events of the first Christmas can bring us the light and life we all search for. This year, discover the profound impact Jesus’ story can have on your life.

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    Light of the World

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    Jonathan Griffiths

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    Enquirer / Seeker, Adults

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Jonathan Griffiths

Jonathan Griffiths

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A great book

John 1:1-18 is a favourite passage for many people, and is often read at Christmas Carol services. Light of the World by Jonathan Griffiths takes us through some of its major themes - light, glory and grace - and invites us to take another look at Jesus Christ, the Word who became flesh and makes God known. Full of well-explained and well-illustrated Bible truths, this book will encourage the hearts and souls of those who already know the Lord and invite those who don't to consider the one who shines His light into the darkness and then dies to bring us back into relationship with His Father. A great book to buy and give away this Christmas. 

Carrie Sandom

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