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The Truth About Lies

Why Jesus is more relevant than you think

Mack Stiles


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The Truth About Lies

Why Jesus is more relevant than you think

Mack Stiles



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 None of us want to be taken in by lies, even if everyone around us believes them. In The Truth About Lies, author J. Mack Stiles moves us beyond superficial debates by examining how Jesus challenges some of the biggest lies we believe about life and faith. Taking us directly to his often unexpected words and actions, Mack shows that Jesus is surprisingly relevant. 


Lie 1 – I Don’t Matter to God

Lie 2 – Being Good is Good Enough

Lie 3 – Jesus Is an Inspiration

Lie 4 – I’ve Got to Look Out for Number One

Lie 5 – I’ve Got My Truth, You’ve Got Yours

Lie 6 – Death Is the End

Lie 7 – Everyone Goes to Heaven

Lie 8 – I Can’t Change


'I read this short book and immediately wrote down the names of friends for whom each chapter was applicable. It brilliantly articulates why they are not giving Jesus further consideration and is so helpful, because it provides both the diagnosis of the lie they’ve believed and the truth about Jesus I’m longing for them to consider.'

Rico Tice, founder, Christianity Explored Ministries

'In this brilliantly written and thought-provoking book, J. Mack Stiles tackles some of the biggest lies doing the rounds — both the lies lurking in our culture and the lies we are tempted to tell ourselves — and shows how the timeless wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth time after time cuts through the confusion. Whether you’re confused about your identity, your value, what God might think of you, what it means to be “good”, or how to navigate a world of so many beliefs and “truth claims”, The Truth About Lies helps bring clarity to the chaos. And if you’ve ever wondered what relevance the message of Jesus could possibly have, two thousand years since his life, death, and resurrection, this book does a brilliant job of showing why. Hugely recommended, whether when it comes to Jesus you’re a curious seeker, a puzzled doubter, or a Christian trying to make sense of Jesus in a world of lies and spin.'

Andy Bannister, Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity

'Stiles answers some of the most common questions I've heard about Christianity with winsome respectfulness and biblical faithfulness. To my friends who don't yet know Jesus, I pray this brief Q&A would shine the truth like a flood lamp on your path.'

Gloria Furman, author of Missional Motherhood and A Tale of Two Kings

'What a splendid little book, filled with enough simple truths and profound good news to change your life. In his disarming, yet unflinching way, Mack introduces us to Jesus Christ and tells us how we can live forever. What could be more important than that?'

Kevin DeYoung, Senior Pastor, Christ Covenant Church, North Carolina

'Jesus is relevant to your life today. And tomorrow. And every day until you die. And even (and maybe most importantly) the days after you die. I dare you to read this book, realize the lies that so subtly deceive us, and see the truth that has power to transform us, now and forever.'

David Platt, founder of Radical

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    The Truth About Lies

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    Mack Stiles

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Mack Stiles

Mack Stiles

J. Mack Stiles is the pastor of Erbil International Baptist Church in Erbil, Iraq. Mack has traveled and lived many places, and has been involved in university student ministry, church reform, and church planting. He has authored five books, including Evangelism: How The Whole Church Speaks of Jesus. Mack is married to Leeann, and they have three grown boys, two delightful daughter-in-laws, and two grandchildren.

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5.0 based on 2 reviews

Youth holiday

We bought these in bulk to give out to the young people on our youth holiday this Summer. They are faced with so many of the lies addressed in this book at school and on social media. Adults connected with the holiday have asked us for copies (we had a few left over!) to pass on to others. We pray they will be used by God in these people's lives.

Excellent book for someone who wants the truth about Jesus

In short and engaging chapters this book so easily pointed to Jesus as all sufficient. It's writing style was friendly and easy to read. I'm already thinking about who I can give this away to!!

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