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Have You Ever Wondered?

Finding the Everyday Clues to Meaning, Purpose & Spirituality

Andy Bannister and Gavin Matthews


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Have You Ever Wondered?

Finding the Everyday Clues to Meaning, Purpose & Spirituality

Andy Bannister and Gavin Matthews


A reflective and creative book that lays the foundation for gospel hope

Beauty. Justice. Identity. Love. Stories. Nature. Hope. These things intrigue us, move us and prompt us to ask big questions. Could there be clues in our deepest desires that point to life’s meaning?

Have You Ever Wondered? invites you on an immersive tour through the issues that matter. This book is for anyone who has looked at a landscape and contemplated why we are drawn to beauty; or wondered why we are so insatiably curious about our universe, or even for those who have simply looked up at a million stars in the vast night’s sky and just wondered.

Contributors with backgrounds in science, law, linguistics, theology, bioethics, history, and more, reflect on how their questions have, in some cases unexpectedly, led them to a compelling Christian spirituality and a profound sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Questions include:

  • Have you ever wondered why we long for happiness?
  • Have you ever wondered why humans are attracted to the supernatural?
  • Have you ever wondered why music has the power to move us?
  • Have you ever wondered why black lives matter?
  • Have you ever wondered what God thinks of you?
  • Have you ever wondered if all religions are basically the same?
  • Have you ever wondered why we treat sex as something sacred?
  • Have you ever wondered why we preserve the past?
  • Have you ever wondered if you can truly change?
  • Have you ever wondered why everyone craves money but no one thinks it’s the answer?

And more...

Selected Commendations:

"If you don't think you have all the answers...then try asking a question instead. This brilliant collection of conversation starters is the perfect resource for anyone who has ever felt intimidated about sharing their faith. Read it, share it and go and ask someone a question!"

Justin Brierley, Author of The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God

"It was a joy to contribute to this project. At some point in your life you will have found yourself wondering about at least one of the topics found within these pages. The short, pithy chapters invite us to pause for a few moments in our busy lives and take time to wonder about our questions, concerns, loves and fears."

Michael Ots, Field Director, FEUER

A great read for:

  • The 'spiritual' but 'not religious'
  • Those curious about life but uninterested in church
  • Or Christians interested in broader life questions

Key features:

  • Short chapters
  • A great give-away book
  • Fast-moving, sharp-witted, contemporary

Contributors: Andy Bannister, Gavin Matthews, Gareth Black, Andy Moore, Mary Jo Sharp, Andy Steiger, Michael Ots, Clare Williams, Anne Witton, David Nixon.

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5.0 based on 2 reviews

Equip yourself, intrigue others

What a fantastic tool this book is. I often find myself lacking in ways to bring up God in conversations with people. This book has opened my eyes to many ways. It takes some old topics and newer cultural conversations and helps us wonder about them...leading to God's design. It will equip you to consider these topics and enrich your theological thinking helping you with conversation starters that will be natural and engaging. It would also work well to give to unbelievers kick starting their thinking and 'wondering' if there is a God behind it all.

Apologetics answers

This book consists of 28 short chapters of five pages or so on various apologetics topics each prefaced with “have you ever wondered”. These range from why we long for happiness to whether Jesus existed. All the essays are thoughtful analyses of the question at hand, initially pointing towards theism, but becoming more Christian towards the end. If you feel unprepared to give a reason for your hope (1 Peter 3.15), this is the book to buy and read. It would also be a good book to give to someone looking for answers. The chapters are written by different contributors associated with Solas, and so there are inevitable repetitions, but this is a book to be dipped into. It doesn’t go too much into what the Gospel is, but definitely starts the conversation.

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