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Where Is God In a Messed-Up World?

Updated and expanded edition

Roger Carswell



Where Is God In a Messed-Up World?

Updated and expanded edition

Roger Carswell


This is the eBook version of Where Is God In a Messed–Up World?, the eBook can be downloaded onto a number of different devices including, Mac, PC, Kindle, etc. A help document can be found here explaining how to access your files. This eBook is available FREE with a purchase of the physical version of Where Is God In a Messed–Up World?, click here to buy.

We ask questions about God, life, and suffering especially in the wake of major tragedies. Glib answers don’t help. 

In this expanded and updated edition of Where is God in a Messed-up World? Roger Carswell investigates the answers to these questions. He is realistic enough to admit that there are things God reveals to us, and things he doesn’t reveal. Roger argues that the starting point is to find out who God is, and to figure out if he can be trusted – even if we don’t have all the answers. 

The author’s own experience of suffering with depression, and the real-life stories that are included, make this a compassionate and encouraging look at one of the toughest questions about the Christian faith. Without dodging or dismissing the issues, Where is God in a Messed-up World? shows that our questioning need not be a barrier to entrusting ourselves to God.


'A realistic and compassionate view of how we can respond to suffering.' 

Gordon Corera, BBC correspondent

'I warmly recommend this book to anyone, but especially to those who feel "weary and burdened".'

Pablo Martinez, psychiatrist and writer


The corresponding tract can be found here.

  • Title

    Where Is God In a Messed-Up World?

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    Roger Carswell

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    Suffering & Loss

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    Adults, Enquirer / Seeker

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Where Is God In a Messed–Up World?

Roger Carswell tackles suffering in this little book that points to the suffering Saviour Jesus. The Gospel based theology is interspersed with moving personal stories, including Roger Carswell himself.

Stephen Ayre

Where Is God In a Messed–Up World?

In this book Roger Carswell takes you to the Bible, he asks the hard questions that are on your mind and he points you to the only person who can bring you true, secure and every lasting hope; Jesus Christ. This book is about 150 pages long, so it deals with the topic to a degree of depth. There are three sections in the book. The first section focuses in on the question ‘why?’, why we ask that question, where we look for answers and if we can find a satisfactory answer to that question. The second part explains the world from a Christian perspective; how it was created, what went wrong and God’s solution to that problem. The third part is all about the Christian’s approach to suffering; it’s about facing trials and suffering but standing firm in Jesus. Roger writes with a theological depth that is necessary for such a difficult topic, but he also writes with a warm heart and a caring voice for his readers. It’s as if Roger is sitting down with you and wanting you to see the beauty of the good news of Jesus and build you up as you ask one of the most common questions around. I could go on and fill this post with quotes and snippets of stories that you’ll find in these pages, but I would be robbing you the joy of reading it.

Alistair Chalmers

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