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To A Different Drum

An adventure of radical obedience

Pauline Hamilton


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To A Different Drum

An adventure of radical obedience

Pauline Hamilton


“As I was tearing up the road with the accelerator pushed to the floor, familiar landmarks flashing by me, a kind of mad exhilaration possessed me. I had neither the time nor the inclination to reassess things now. I just wanted to reach my destination…”

Kicked out of college and hooked on drink and drugs, Pauline Hamilton drove recklessly towards a cliff near her home to end it all. At the last moment, her tire blew out, leaving her stunned in the stationary car.

Pauline’s life changed forever. She turned at once to the God who had rescued her and, in grateful amazement, offered her whole life to Him. This dedication would eventually take her to China and over 30 adventure packed years as a missionary. Through many trials Pauline never lost sight of the God who had promised never to let her go.

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    To A Different Drum

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    Pauline Hamilton

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    Life's Challenges

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Overall rating

5.0 based on 9 reviews


I was gripped from the 1st chapter! The way God works in this story to build his church is incredible. It has helped me to trust God's timing and has fuelled my prayers with faith.

What an awe inspiring biography!

There were pages that caused me to gasp, laugh out loud, and some that even brought me close to tears. God's hand is mightily shown in Pauline's life from beginning to end. Reads this book - it may be the best biography you ever read!

Great read

This book was recomended to me. I loved reading this in just a few days on holiday. It was so good to read about Pauline's story. Lovingly known as Grandma Ham. She doesnt seem to be as well known or publicised as Gladys Aylward but equally did amazing difficult work, at times, for God in China with CIM. It was so jam packed of the stories of the faithfulness of God in her life from her amazing conversion to her return home. I would recomend this autobiography
Paul and Paula

Our God is AMAZING!

Every time I finished a section of this autobiography I had to praise God for how great He is and ask Him to give me even a bit of the faith Pauline Hamilton had. This book is a reminder that God really does answer prayer and He is building His church in the most unlikely of ways. I had goosebumps for 90% of this book and was crying for the other 10%. This book is a readable, honest and uplifting reminder that God uses ordinary Christians in extraordinary ways. I kept praying along the lines of the Tozer quote: "Anything God has ever done, He can do now. Anything God has ever done anywhere, He can do here. Anything God has ever done for anyone, He can do for you." The God of "To A Different Drum" is our God and He can do amazing things for His Name's sake.

Read this when you need a reminder that God really does answer prayer!

I really enjoyed this biography. It shows how God is at work as we seek to share the gospel with the people around us and in particular it was so encouraging to see how God answered prayer time and time again to meet both large and small needs, and to bring people to himself whether they were looking for him or not.

Saved from suicide to serve the rejected

First published in 1984, this is a welcome reissue of a missionary classic. In a gripping opening chapter, Pauline Hamilton narrates how her attempted suicide was providentially prevented, and was the means of God calling her to himself. She grapples with a calling to work with the China Inland Mission but is then tested by being redeployed to teaching missionary kids. After the Communist takeover she moved to Taiwan where she was greatly used in ministering to students and juvenile delinquents (being Chinese, they are amusingly respectful, and they clearly loved her). She is very honest about her feelings. She learns to trust God in trying circumstances, aware that the world is watching, and she vividly describes the spiritual battles involved in people turning from sin and trusting in Christ. The new edition has an afterword that briefly continues the story to her death in 1988: in retirement she continued ministry to students in the US. We might think that being guided by Bible verses taken out of context is not a good idea, but no-one can doubt how much God used her.

Inspiring yet Easy to Read

Written in a very easy to read and hard to put down style this account stays well focussed on God's leading and interventions throughout, creating a sense of wonder and excitement at the work that God can do in our lives. The story itself is remarkable, and is one of the best missionary biographies I have ever read. I think this book would challenge many to wonder what God can do in their lives too, whether on the mission field or at home. Not written in a gushy flattering style - perhaps helped by the fact it is an autobiography - and not complicated or hard slog in any part. Truly inspiring.

To A Different Drum

The twist and turns in this story show God’s faithfulness throughout. This book will challenge you to believe in the power of God not just to save but to provide in the most wonderful ways. Each chapter is packed full even in a short few pages, I am yet to meet someone who has read this book who doesn’t love it!

Lottie Swales

To A Different Drum

God’s truly amazing rescue of a woman planing to drive off a cliff in pure desperasion, As she heads for the cliff the tyres blow out saving her, weeping She gives her live to the Lord, What an awesome, caring God we Christians serve,  I believe everyone  of us  at somepoint has a moment in life, where we can cry out to God for help and salvation or walk away,  my advise run straight to God for salvation, God is able to save the foulest sinner, those who truly turn to the Lord will be saved.

Mark Wood

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