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Book 1 | Teen fiction from a biblical worldview

Rich Castro


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Book 1 | Teen fiction from a biblical worldview

Rich Castro


Fifteen-year-old Trey has just moved to England from America. Struggling to fit in with his new life, everything changes when he is extracted to Anasius, an alternate world on the brink of war.

In this new world, Trey and his friends find themselves pulled into a web of torture, betrayal and death. Facing the terrors and traumas of a one-sided war, there appears to be little hope.

When tragedy strikes back home too, the group are forced to put their horror and haunting emptiness aside, and work together to summon the courage to fight – can life be drawn from the crucible of death?

Age range: 12-18s

Reformation Lightning is a new publisher specialising in Christian fiction for young readers. Click here to read more by Ref Light.


“Rich Castro has taken the friendships, fears and frustrations of teenage life and crafted a high-octane fantasy adventure that demonstrates why underestimating the talents and tenacity of young people is rarely a good idea.”

Peter Andrews, Resources Manager, Urban Saints

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    Rich Castro

  • Series

    Anasius Trilogy

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    Reformation Lightning

  • Age Range

    12-14s, 15-18s

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Overall rating

4.4 based on 5 reviews

Definitely for mid teens

The world this book is set in is interesting, and the characters are exciting. But the plot needed less tragedy and more fun perhaps. I wouldn't recommend it for anybody under 12. James, 10

Great read!

I liked Extracted as it blends a fantasy story with more adult tones. It is full of plot twists and heart wrenching moments that catch you off guard. It merges the mythical war and danger that Anasius faces with the problems that many teens face today in. But what I admire most about it is the fact that it is written from many perspectives but still isn’t confusing. This helps us understand the intentions of someone without a certain character having to know. Great book. Would read again. Elizabeth (age 12)

Engrossing read

I really enjoyed reading Extracted and found it extremely gripping because it had lots of twists and turns in the plot. Victoria (Aged 8)


I've had lots fun reading this book, full of fun and adventure and i felt like I was in the story at times . Amazing ! Nate - 13.


An action-packed storyline with subtle Christian imagery inside. A good read for non-Christians as well! Looking forward to reading the next one. Would definitely recommend for a friend! Samuel - age 12

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