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Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

Robert Scott


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Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

Robert Scott


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We can often find it tricky to start a gospel conversation with our Muslim neighbours. Maybe we worry that we don’t understand our Muslim friends’ beliefs and will get caught out, or we might be wary of stepping on cultural toes and offending them, or perhaps we simply have no idea where to start. 

In this practical guide to Muslim people and their faith, Robert Scott draws on his experience in Bangladesh and Central London to explain what Muslims believe. He presents the key pillars of Islam, unpacks Muslim beliefs about the Bible and Jesus, and answers questions about the Qur’an, Muhammad and more. This book will help you engage with whatever objections your Muslim friends may have and invite them to discover what the Bible says about Jesus.

If you’ve ever wondered how to open a conversation about the gospel with your Muslim neighbour, this book will provide encouragement to help you to start.


“What a gift for the church! Rob's little book is a model of what learned, living and loving Christian-Muslim engagement looks like. It will give many of us a confidence boost and practical push-start as we seek to share the gospel with our Muslim neighbours. Highly recommended.”

–      Dr Daniel Strange, Director, Oak Hill College; Author, Plugged In.

“Rob Scott loves Muslim people and so he wants to share the good news of Jesus with them. And we should want to do the same. This is a brilliant book – not only because Rob is an expert who knows his Sunni from his Salafi, and can quote chapter and verse from the Qur'an – but because he has had many conversations with actual Muslim friends. He knows the things that most intrigue them about Jesus, the caricatures they have of Christians, the caricatures we have of them, the best ways to start a conversation. And he makes it seem so easy. I learned a lot from this little book, and it’s given me confidence to give it a go.

–       Andrew Sach, Pastor, Grace Church, Greenwich; Author, Dig Deeper books

  “Using his considerable experience Rob Scott has given us a thorough and accessible introduction to Islam, and more importantly the encouragement to meet and engage more deeply with Muslim friends and neighbours. He has provided an exciting window into the Muslim world that gives enough information to enter into that world and in Christ share the message of hope in Him. I thorough commend this book, and pray that through it many will be drawn into sharing Jesus with Muslim friends.”

–       Phil Rawlings, Co-director, Manchester Centre for the Study of Christianity and Islam



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    Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

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    Robert Scott

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    Sharing the Gospel

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Overall rating

4.7 based on 3 reviews

Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

Because it is so important to understand someone else’s worldview this little pocket size book is big on information pertaining to the Muslim culture. It is such a helpful book that I would advocate carrying it around until the contents have become ingrained in your mind so that you are ready to speak out for Christ to our Muslim friends whenever the need arises. The resource list at the end is vast and covers books, websites, short online messages. So much so in fact that if you were to read this book and study all the given resources it would be like undertaking a complete module in sharing the gospel with your Muslim neighbour! I recommend it. Review first published to Free Church Books

Ruth Aird, Bruntsfield Evangelical Church

Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

This book is a helpful introduction with plenty of hints, tips, questions to ask a Muslim and questions to challenge the reader. An example of a really helpful tip is using certain words that will help you engage with a Muslim, such as ‘injil’ instead of gospel. Injil simply means gospel in Arabic. Robert Scott drives home the point that when it comes to reaching out to Muslims we must be grounded in the bible. Robert leads by example and starts by rooting the reader in Genesis, showing that we are all image bearers of God. This should be the motivation for witnessing to a Muslim, they are an image bearer of God. The author provides a basic framework to address objections and statements that the Christian may face. A helpful list of such objections that may be raised is provided throughout the book so readers can have a think through how best to respond. Sitting down with a Muslim may seem a difficult task and many may not know where to begin. Thankfully this helpful title has an entire chapter dedicated to this, highlighting the best places to start reading the bible with your Muslim friend. The approach taken by the author in this book seems to be presuppositional. That means encouragement for the believer to be grounded in the bible and knowing what they believe, giving a reason for that belief. To not rush in with a prescript speech of why the opposition is wrong, but to ask the right questions in order to find out what a Muslim’s motivation is and get to the heart of the issue. My only criticism is that in one or two places when referring to politics or history, it seems to be over–simplified and biased. It is helpful to see things from a Muslim’s perspective, but that doesn’t make their perspective right. All in all a helpful pocket–size introduction that will encourage believers to engage with their Muslim neighbour confidently.

James, Insane Theologian

Sharing the Gospel with a Muslim Neighbour

This is one of the best books I have read on this subject. Robert Scott starts with the approach of treating Muslims as people, and tackles the issues in the order in which they are more likely to come up: Jesus in Islam compared with the Bible, Muslim religious practice and groupings, the Qur’an, Muhammed, questions Muslims may ask, how to read the Bible with a Muslim, and how to disciple one who comes to faith in Jesus Christ. It helped me to understand Islam and Muslims better, but there is no substitute of course to actually befriending someone from that background. They need to hear the Gospel as much as anyone else, and this book will help you to do it in a culturally sensitive way. It could also help schoolchildren studying Islam in RE.

Stephen Ayre

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