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Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission

Danny Akin


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Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission

Danny Akin


Last words are important. As the Lord Jesus prepared to ascend back to heaven, there were many issues he might have addressed. He chose, however, to give the Great Commission.

Daniel Akin argues that good theology and good missiology are more caught than taught; that there is a vital role for parents to play in conveying and modelling a missional life for their children who, with God’s grace, might follow in their footsteps. In Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission, he suggests ten principles for building Great Commission families.


"Danny Akin infects everyone around him with Great Commission passion. This book is no different. This is the field-handbook I wish I had when my parenting journey began 15 years ago. Not only does each page exude his passion for the nations, it is also filled with piercing questions to re-examine our priorities as parents and practical actions to re-center our homes on what matters most. I can’t think of a more helpful resource for families to pursue being Great Commission families."
— Chip Bugnar, Global Pastor at The Church at Brook Hills

"If anyone is qualified to write a book on this subject it is my dear friend Danny Akin. He has raised four sons who are passionate for the gospel and have a desire to see the love of Christ spread around the world. Parents don’t just read this book. Apply it and leave an eternal legacy.”
— James Merritt, Pastor Cross Pointe Church, Host of Touching Lives and former President of the SBC

"I have known Danny Akin for many years. Just as importantly, I know all four of Danny’s sons, and they are an incredible testimony to Danny and Charlotte as parents. The Akin boys are not only men of sterling character – they all four love Jesus and they all are involved in effective ministry. Two of them have served overseas, with the blessing and encouragement of their parents. I also know Danny’s seminary, and it really is a Great Commission school. All of this makes Danny Akin, as a great parent and a passionate advocate of global missions, the perfect man to write this book. In it, Danny gives ten principles for building Great Commission families. He does not intend for the list to be exhaustive. Some of these are simply good advice for any parent. However, following these principles will revolutionize your family, and will orient it toward God’s glory among the nations. However, beware. Following the counsel of this book could lead to your children taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. I cannot recommend this book highly enough."
— Zane Pratt, Vice President of Assessment/Deployment and Training, International Mission Board, SBC gospel-centered resources for church and home.

How can I take the Great Commission to the next generation? Raising Kids with a Heart for Missions points the way. Danny Akin packs this short book with gospel truth, a lifetime of practical wisdom, and a passion for those without Christ. Let these pages rekindle a passion for missions—and pass along the torch to the next generation."
— Champ Thornton, pastor and author of several books including The Radical Book for Kids and Why Do We Say Good Night?

“We all want the next generation to love God, love his word, and to love the world! Inspiring a heart for the nations begins at home with introducing children to the missionary God of the Bible and his desire to be praised by people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. In this new book, my Dad encourages Christian families to reflect on timeless truths from the Bible and from heroes of the faith as a means of cultivating a missionary fervor in the hearts of the next generation.”
— Dr. Paul Akin, Dean, Billy Graham School, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“It’s one thing to write a book on raising kids with a heart for mission. It’s another thing to actually do it. And Danny Akin has done both. Maybe the best thing I can say about this book is that I have worked closely with Danny Akin’s sons, and their hearts beat for mission. If you long for that to be true in your kids’ hearts, you will be served well by this book.”
— David Platt, Pastor of Mclean Bible Church and author of Radical

"In Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission, Daniel Akin offers a simple message - The great commission to reach the world begins with living out the mission at home. In this easy to read book, Akin inspires parents to keep mission a priority in this screen distracted world. Every parent should read Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission. This book will reignite your love for Jesus to help you live for Christ and bring a passion for his mission into your home. Too many books for parents focus on problems and keep us navel-gazing. Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission does just the opposite; it lifts our gaze to the fields and directs our efforts toward mission. Get a copy of Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission. Read it and follow the practical steps Akin offers and watch your family become a great commission family."
— Marty Machowski, pastor and author of The Ology, Wonder Full, Long Story Short, and many other gospel-centered resources for church and home.

“On the topic of missions, there is no one alive I trust more than Danny Akin. And on the subject of parenting, there is no one alive I trust more than Danny Akin. He has a proven track record on both fronts. Dr. Akin has trained thousands of men and women to serve as missions leaders all over the world. He has re-defined the institution he serves as a world renowned 'Great Commission seminary.' I pay careful attention when Dr. Akin speaks to issues of parenting. He and his wife Charlotte have reared four impressive sons who are themselves Christian leaders of the top order—and who, every one of them, love and respect their parents. When I find a book by Danny Akin on the Great Commission and parenting, I consider that to be a must-have. This book will equip you to help raise up the next generation of those who can bear witness to the gospel all over the world. And behind every word is a lifetime of experience, of integrity, and of grace.”
— Russell Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission

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    Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission

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    Danny Akin

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4.5 based on 2 reviews

Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission

This book challenges the very core of family faith. What do we teach our children about the Great Commission and how do we teach them? In no uncertain terms Raising Kids takes parents through a step by step process of the biblical principles that Jesus left us with to continue as his witnesses. No member of any family is left out, for all have a responsibility to tell others about Jesus. Ten principles are outlined, giving examples of missionaries that led lives based upon solid Christian living. As Christian parents we too need to learn the same principles that govern the way we live before others and particularly before our children. This is a very small book with a huge personality. Beware!

Ruth Aird, Free Church Books

Raising Kids with a Heart for Mission

Have you read a book that pose like a problem or a question that you find hard and tricky that you can’t think of an answer? But once you sit and read it, it is as if you unlock a door or gave you a sense of relief? Well this new book from Daniel Akin, which is part of an excellent series by 10Publishing, is one of those books. Teaching your children to be mission minded might be a tall one, but Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions gives 10 principles or action plans that really does the job. You might think that with the shortness of this book one might settle for something free. A blog post or online article might do the trick than purchase a book that might have the same content. However, Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions has the “meat”. It’s not served in one big slab on a plate but bits and pieces all throughout the book. As I dive into this short book, I notice that this is leaning more on mission than the “raising kids…” part. It’s not to say that the parenting part is found wanting, but Akin dwells tackling mission more. He did it superbly and thoroughly practical. Also Akin sometimes rely on quoting chunks of references which is good but I think I much interested in his own stories which can be a powerful drive on the book. Raising Kids With A Heart for Missions delivers a practical and biblical advice for parents to cultivate a missional awareness to their children. This is a one sitting read is a great help for the next generation who want to reach out the nations or their neighborhood.

Nitoy Gonzales

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