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Compared To Her

How to experience true contentment



Compared To Her

How to experience true contentment


“I am a recovering Compulsive Comparison Syndrome sufferer. It causes me to feel envy, despair, pride and superiority. It cuts away at my relationship with God, with my loved ones, and with myself. It has promised me contentment, and yet robbed me of it.

And although I don’t know you at all, I’m fairly sure you have CCS, too. That’s not meant to sound rude. It’s just that I’ve rarely met a woman who doesn’t struggle with it.”

This book is about how to spot this syndrome and its effects in your life; the view of life that causes it; how the gospel treats it; and how you can move beyond it to live a life of true, lasting contentment.

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    Compared To Her

  • Series

    Live Different

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    The Good Book Company

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    Life's Challenges

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    Adults, Female

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Compared to her…

Sophie de Witt writes with honesty, encouragement and humour, showing examples from her own life and how she’s conquering this problem herself. Showing us the signs of comparing ourselves to others she guides us through how to make changes so our focus is on God instead of an inward look at our own achievements and attributes. This is a short book, easy to read and in handy sections. It could be used for a group study and is a book I’d definitely recommend to use for young women in youth groups or one to ones. At any age women can relate to the issue of comparing themselves to others and this book can help us to change that.


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