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Right with God

Union Essentials

Michael Reeves



Right with God

Union Essentials

Michael Reeves


How do we become right with God? Michael Reeves warmly and clearly introduces what the Bible teaches about justification by faith alone. For anyone who does not know Christ or is lacking confidence in their salvation, the Bible has good news of comfort and joy.

"Lurking beneath the stresses and anxieties of modern life lie the age-old questions 'Am I good enough?' and 'Have I done enough?' They haunt some, drive others, and exhaust many into indifference or despair. In these pages – as readable as they are reliable – Michael Reeves exposes both the roots of our problem and the bankruptcy of our own answers to it. But then, simply and engagingly, he points us to the life-transforming resolution that is offered to us in the Christian gospel. Right with God is a short book with an eternity-long message." - Sinclair B. Ferguson

"A small key can open a massive door that leads to freedom. This small treatise by Dr. Reeves, a very able writer, holds the key of God's promise to justify the ungodly as a free gift through faith in Christ alone. May God use it to bring many into spiritual freedom. Buy copies of this easy-to-read, highly recommended book and pass them on to the unsaved, to the saved who are struggling for assurance, and to established believers to shore up their convictions." - Joel R. Beeke

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    Right with God

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    Michael Reeves

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    Union Essentials

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    Union Publishing

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Overall rating

5.0 based on 4 reviews

Makes me smile

This short book is rich in wisdom and so engagingly written. Through the story of Martin Luther's conversion Mike Reeves delves into the biblical doctrine of Justification in Christ, a mesage of such unbelievebly good news that we need reminding again and again! I found it so helpful that I've read it twice and have also given a copy to a friend who is considering Christianity.

Right with God

There are many books on justification, including some heavyweight tomes, but there is an ongoing need for concise studies which are sound in their theology yet accessible to a wide range of non–specialist readers. Right with God by Michael Reeves falls into that category, and can be recommended as a fine primer on justification. The first four chapters set out the fundamentals of justification, seeing it as rooted in the love of God and centred in the work of Christ. The following three chapters deal with some of the questions that frequently arise in the minds of both Christians and non–Christians – the relationship between faith and works, the necessity for godly living on the part of the justified, and the possibility of assurance of salvation. The final chapter takes us back to the wonder of God’s love for sinners such as us. It is a lot to pack into such a short book, yet Reeves manages the task with skill and clarity, and also with a warmth which prevents the book becoming purely academic. This is a useful starting place for anyone who wishes to come to grips with one of the great doctrines of the Christian faith.

David McKay, The Covenanter Witness Magazine

Right with God

Justification is a key Biblical doctrine, but it often hard to functionally believe. This short book would be helpful to give to a new Christian or someone who is worried that God won’t accept them. The first four chapters explain how God can declare the ungodly righteous in Jesus Christ. The prostitute becomes the queen. The issues of the role of works, continuing sin, and assurance are also tackled. Reeves explains profound theology in a very accessible way, and throughout there are stories of how understanding justification has changed real lives including Martin Luther, Michael Green, John Bunyan and Frances Whitehead. One to read and give away.

Stephen Ayre

Right with God

This short, punchy and warm–hearted book gets to the centre of the Christian faith in a way that will fill you with joy!

Dave Bish

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