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Student Subscription Packs

Want to read Christian books but have no idea where to start? Looking to read more but need a push in the right direction?

A regular diet of Christian books helps us not just to know about God but to actually know God. Whether it be a heartwarming devotional or a stirring biography, books have a way of informing our minds and inspiring our hearts.

But let’s face it, reading can be difficult. 

Not only is there the challenge of choosing which books to read, then there’s the problem of actually get round to reading them. And finishing them. 

When it comes to consistently reading Christian books, we need all the help we can get.

Check this out. 

To make everything easier, we are launching a book subscription service in partnership with UCCF: The Christian Unions.

Each term, receive a range of edifying content at discounted prices, from bestselling books on living the Christian life to valuable notes to go alongside your Bible reading. There’s even evangelistic content to give away to unbelieving friends.

By signing up, you’ll be joining a community of people from across the UK who are all reading the same books at the same time. You could even meet up with others and discuss what you’re reading.

This would be a great gift to send to a student, encouraging them to read deeply during their formative university years. 

Reading Christian books just got easier. Sign up today!

Student Pack options

Student Pack options


1. How does the student subscription work?

Our subscription service offers a 3-year cycle of 9 curated deliveries, synced with the start of each academic term. By paying the annual fee, you commit to receiving three book deliveries over a year. If you choose the 3-year upfront option, you commit to all nine deliveries at a discount. You can cancel anytime, and even if you've committed to three years, you'll receive any remaining deliveries for the current academic year.

2. When are the deliveries?

We aim to dispatch subscription orders on the following dates.

Term 1 – Mon 25th Sep

Term 2 – Mon 15th Jan

Term 3 – Mon 22nd April

3. Can I join if the cycle has already started?

Absolutely! You can join the cycle at any point. Our system ensures that you'll be in sync with other readers, whether they've been on the journey for 1, 2, or 3 years. Students who jump into the subscription in the middle of an academic year will receive any missed deliveries from that year straight away. Therefore, your subscription always ends at the end of an academic year.

4. How can I cancel or update the delivery address of my subscription?

To change your delivery address or cancel your subscription you can fill out the forms provided. If you have not retained your order number or need any assistance, you can get in touch via email or call us on 0330 223 3423.

5. What if I miss a delivery or want to rejoin after canceling?

If you miss a delivery or want to rejoin, don't worry. Contact our support, and we'll help you get back on track or ensure you receive the missed books.

6. Is international shipping available?

No, this student subscription service is limited to delivery in the UK. However, we hope to bring international customers more subscription plans soon.

Updates to your plan

To make any changes to your subscription, please visit the page below, where you can change your name and address details, or cancel your subscription. Please note our cancellation policy.

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