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The Siamese Kittens Bundle

Books 1-3

Michael A G Haykin and Chris Iliff


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The Siamese Kittens Bundle

Books 1-3

Michael A G Haykin and Chris Iliff


As a parent you can long for your children to feel God's love for themselves. These three delightful stories with subtle Christian metaphors can grow a felt understanding of God's love, provision, and awesomeness.

This bundle includes:

These stories are perfect for 5 - 8s learning to read on their own who want to discover the character of God. Michael Haykin's three books follow kittens Siam, Ko-Ko and Java as they join the Quinn household in Ireland.

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4.5 based on 2 reviews

The Siamese Kittens Series

These books are just so wholesome and sweet! With adorably cheeky kittens, precious stories, beautiful illustrations, and messages of friendship, trust and caring for others, they’re perfect for early readers and will bless the whole family.

While these books have subtle Christian themes, there is a scripture at the end of each story which ties in perfectly and adds a beautifully balanced faith element.

While the suggested ages are 5-8, my 9 year old consumed all three books in an afternoon, and gushed about them to her little sisters, whom she ended up re-reading them to again.

Renee Emerson, Blossomingthroughbooks

The Siamese Kittens

I so love the heart behind Reformation Lightning. What a gift they are to parents who want good quality, wholesome children’s books, that feel mainstream, but align with Christian values.

These three books aren’t overtly Christian in their plot, which I like about them, but they do end with a bible verse which is linked to the theme of the story, such as hospitality. 

We found them to be fun, warm, unputdownable little books. I’d like to say we savoured them, but my son insisted we read them in one sitting. He was hooked. 🙌

Independent reading books for those early on in reading that are not only engaging and have a good plot, but also wholesome, are particularly difficult to find, so these three were such a gift! 👏

Jessica Hadden, Life Giving Pages

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