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Read Mark in 30 days

Andrew Page

Read Mark in 30 days

Andrew Page



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The Christian message claims that God came into our world in a man called Jesus.
But is it true?

Many people who ask that question have never read any of the source documents: they are the four Gospels in the New Testament. All of them were written in the first century.

If you’re an honest sceptic, or just wanting to know more about Jesus, reading Mark’s Gospel is a great place to start.

In Read Mark in 30 Days Andrew Page suggests a passage in Mark to read for each day, adding a few comments of his own, designed to help us understand Mark’s message.

After 30 days you’ll have read through the whole Gospel. And be in a much better position to answer the question Is it true?

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    Read Mark in 30 days

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    Andrew Page

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