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The Parables of Jesus

Short Stories, Timeless Truths

Tyler Van Halteren



The Parables of Jesus

Short Stories, Timeless Truths

Tyler Van Halteren


From the author and illustrator of The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook comes a fully illustrated and faithful retelling of 26 parables of Jesus in a beautiful cloth-bound hardcover book.

Written with ages 4 to 12 in mind, The Parables of Jesus aims to lead families deeper into the heart of Jesus' teaching. Covering well-known parables like the Good Samaritan and lesser-known tales like the Dishonest Manager, these short stories provide an engaging way for children to learn surprising truths about Jesus and his coming kingdom.

  • Title

    The Parables of Jesus

  • Author(s)

    Tyler Van Halteren

  • Series

    Parables of Jesus

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  • Publisher

    Lithos Kids

  • Age Range

    4-7s, 8-11s

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Tyler Van Halteren

Tyler Van Halteren

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5.0 based on 1 review

Fantastic book for the family!

Lithos Kids, the publisher renowned for delightful family-oriented Christian books like Little Pilgrim's Big Journey and The Kingdom of God series, brings us yet another treasure—The Parables of Jesus. This beautifully crafted volume, written by Tyler Van Halteren and illustrated by Aleksander Jasinski, is a faithful retelling of 26 of Jesus' parables. Written with ages 4 to 12 in mind, the book not only seeks to engage young minds but also to draw families closer to the core teachings of Jesus. Like other Lithos Kids books, The Parables of Jesus stands out for its exceptional quality and thoughtful design. The durable cloth-bound cover with gold foil designs, a ribbon marker, and smyth-sewn binding make it a sturdy companion for frequent use. This kind of heirloom-quality craftsmanship is ideal for our enthusiastic little readers and the whole family’s use for years to come. The book is divided into 10 thematic chapters, each concluding with questions and reflections that promote discussion and deeper understanding. This setup is particularly useful for parents and children to engage in meaningful conversations about the lessons and insights offered by the parables. Each parable is accompanied by scripture references, providing a direct link to the biblical text and encouraging further reading of the scriptures. Tyler Van Halteren's storytelling is both faithful to the Bible and accessible to young readers. The parables, ranging from the well-known Good Samaritan to the lesser-discussed Dishonest Manager, are retold in a manner that is easy for children to understand while preserving the depth and essence of Jesus' teachings. This balance of simplicity and faithfulness to scripture is what I love most about this book. Aleksander Jasinski’s illustrations complement the text beautifully. His artwork is vibrant and engaging, and will surely capture the attention of children to explore the visual narratives that accompany each parable. The illustrations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve as a visual aid in helping young readers grasp the meanings and messages of the parables. Final thoughts: The Parables of Jesus by Lithos Kids is an excellent addition to any family's collection of Christian literature. It is perfect for nightly Bible readings, Sunday school lessons, or simply as a tool for teaching children about the core messages of Jesus' parables. Highly recommended!
Marc Daniel

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