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Jesus through the Eyes of Women

How the First Female Disciples Help Us Know and Love the Lord

Rebecca McLaughlin

Jesus through the Eyes of Women

How the First Female Disciples Help Us Know and Love the Lord

Rebecca McLaughlin



If the women who followed Jesus could tell you what he was like, what would they say?

Jesus’s treatment of women was revolutionary. That’s why they flocked to him. Wherever he went, they sought him out. Women sat at his feet and tugged at his robes. They came to him for healing, for forgiveness, and for answers. So what did women see in this first-century Jewish rabbi and what can we learn as we look through their eyes today?

In Jesus through the Eyes of Women, Rebecca McLaughlin explores the life-changing accounts of women who met the Lord. By entering the stories of the named and unnamed women in the Gospels, this book gives readers a unique lens to see Jesus as these women did and marvel at how he loved them in return.

“With insight and inspiration on every page, Rebecca McLaughlin shows us the real Jesus in all his tenderness, majesty, compassion, and defiance. Essential and wonderful reading.”
Sam Allberry, pastor and author

“Rather than view women as risks, liabilities, or burdens, Jesus invites them to draw near. With her characteristic and refreshing blend of scholarship and empathy, Rebecca McLaughlin invites us to examine the stories of women woven throughout the ministry of Jesus, searching for the common threads of good news. And a clear, unhesitating message emerges: ‘Suffer the women to come unto me.’ Herein is instruction and encouragement for women and men alike seeking to live as brothers and sisters in God’s family.”
Jen Wilkin, author and Bible teacher

“In this mind-stimulating and soul-stirring book, Rebecca McLaughlin reveals that far from dismissing and devaluing women, early Christianity was countercultural for the common good. Indeed, it was propelled by women who were truly known and deeply loved. As we look through the eyes and lives of women in the Gospels, we can more clearly see Jesus in all of his resolute truth and radiant beauty.”
Julius J. Kim, president, The Gospel Coalition

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    Jesus through the Eyes of Women

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    Rebecca McLaughlin

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Rebecca McLaughlin

Rebecca McLaughlin

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