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Tackling the problem of an overloaded Christian life

Ian Carmichael




Tackling the problem of an overloaded Christian life

Ian Carmichael


Chronic busyness is a growing problem that will not be solved by better time management techniques and boosted efficiency. Instead, we should invest in finding deep biblical wisdom from the Creator in whose image we are created. His wisdom helps us do best with the dozens of choices we have to make each day about how we will use our time.

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    Ian Carmichael

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    Matthias Media

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    Life's Challenges, Work & Money

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4.3 based on 3 reviews


I found this book challenging as I thought about how I spend my time and my feeling of being busy. Am I being busy in the thing which will help people come to know Jesus or grow to become more like him? As I considered how I rest, I found myself wondering: do I gravitate more easily to things of this world to bring me rest, rather than my relationship with God? 

Busy would be an excellent book for those starting out in ministry to consider how to establish a good balance of work and rest.

I would also encourage young adults at church to read this as they start university or begin their first job to enable them to think through a good decision-making process to manage what they do with their time and to use it productively for Christ and his kingdom.

Rachel Sloan

An easy read even if you think you're too busy!

I read Busy around 9 months ago and I am still using the main principles from this book to help me prioritise how I use my time. Short, simple and humorously written, I highly recommend this book!


A helpful book that explores how a Christian should be busy: a refreshing angle.

Jonathan Thomas

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