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The Life Of Faith

An introduction to Christian doctrine



The Life Of Faith

An introduction to Christian doctrine


For more than four decades, Peter Jensen has been one of the evangelical world’s foremost theologians, training a generation of pastors, engaging the secular world with the good news of Jesus, and influencing Christian leaders and thinkers across the globe. Now, the essence of Dr Jensen’s theological approach has been distilled into a single volume—concise and engaging enough to be read in full, but rich and deep enough to stretch even the most enquiring Christian mind. The Life of Faith is sure to become an indispensable resource for pastors, layleaders and theological students alike.

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    The Life Of Faith

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    Matthias Media

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5.0 based on 2 reviews

A great Systematic Theology primer

Peter Jensen’s The Life of Faith: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine offers a profound yet accessible presentation of the core tenets of the Christian faith. Published by Matthias Media in a beautiful hardback format, this book is a treasure trove of theological insights that aims to provide readers with an overview of systematic theology. Based on Jensen’s notes provided to first-year doctrine students at Moore College, the book is structured with meticulous clarity into three parts, comprising a total of 27 relatively short chapters. This organization not only facilitates easy comprehension but also makes it an invaluable reference for preachers, Bible study leaders, and anyone eager to delve into the theological foundations of Christianity. Jensen’s writing style is both engaging and lucid, ensuring that the complex doctrines discussed are presented in a manner accessible to a broad readership. The length of each chapter strikes a perfect balance between depth and brevity, allowing readers to grasp the essence of each theological concept without feeling overwhelmed. A notable feature that enhances the reader’s experience is the book’s devotional content. At the beginning of each chapter, Jensen provides a key concept—an overview and summary of the theological subject he is about to discuss. At the end, he offers a summary, reinforcing the core message. Jensen also goes a step further by providing a key verse, key terms, a related quotation, and a list of literature for further reading. These additional features not only enrich the understanding of the current chapter but also encourage readers to explore the broader theological context. Furthermore, the inclusion of thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter is a great tool for personal reflection, group discussion, or family worship. These questions prompt reflection and encourage readers to apply the acquired knowledge. Jensen’s emphasis on accessibility does not compromise the depth of the content. While the book caters to a lay audience and students, the doctrines are not watered down or compromised. The balance between readability and intellectual rigor makes The Life of Faith a versatile resource. In conclusion, Peter Jensen’s The Life of Faith is a remarkable contribution to the field of systematic theology. Its accessibility, comprehensive structure, and engaging devotional content make it a unique and excellent overview of Christian doctrine and theology. Whether you are a curious layperson or a seasoned Christian, this book will undoubtedly benefit you.
Marc Daniel

A wonderful theological resource

Peter Jensen is a prominent Australian theologian and theologian who has trained many pastors and theologians for Gospel ministry, and in this wonderful gem of a resource all those years of theological teaching has been brought together in one volume. The most striking thing about “The Life of Faith” is the clear and accessible way that it is presented, Jensen presents these biblical truths in such layman’s terms that it can be easily read and understood by anyone from the new believer to the seasoned pastor. Each chapter is divided up into helpful sections with a closing section of a key Bible verse, a quotation, key terms, questions for reflection and further study and suggested further reading. These additional resources would make “The Life of Faith” suitable for small groups or an introductory theological study class, whilst the apologetic style that the author employs in presenting his arguments could also make this book ideal for teaching those who are exploring or new to faith. The book itself is divided up into three main sections: Part One: Knowing the God who creates Part Two: Knowing the Creator who saves Part Three: Knowing the Saviour who is Lord Each of these sections contain a total of 27 clear and accessible chapters systemically exploring the biblical story of salvation and presenting the Gospel message with a theological depth and clarity. I personally found this book such a refreshing read, and I did not feel like I was reading a theology book but rather that I was being immersed in the beauty of the Gospel with a gently rigorous approach to presenting the truth. The refrain throughout the book is that of the Lord Jesus’ question to the disciples: “Who do you say that I am?” (Mark 8:29) and at the heart of this book is exploring the answer to that vital question in emphatically presenting the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ who came to bring the sinner to God. *Disclaimer: 10ofThose kindly provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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