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The Good Sporting Life

Loving and playing sport as a follower of Jesus

Stephen Liggins



The Good Sporting Life

Loving and playing sport as a follower of Jesus

Stephen Liggins


The Good Sporting Life from Matthias Media | on Vimeo.

The power of sport—to captivate the heart, inspire the imagination, and even shape nations—means we must think carefully and wisely as Christian competitors, coaches, parents, and passionate fans.

Author, pastor, long-time athlete and sports lover Stephen Liggins takes the coaching reins and trains you to glorify God in your sport. He unpacks what the Bible has to say and gathers a wealth of practical advice and candid testimonies from believing athletes on how to live the good sporting life.


  1. 1. Playing by the book—What the Bible says about sport 
  2. 2. Past and present—The history of Christianity and sport 
  3. 3. The Christian sportsperson—Living with and for God on and off the field 
  4. 4. The joy of sport—Sport’s intrinsic value 
  5. 5. Sportsmanship in an unsporting world—Sport and good character 
  6. 6. The sports field as mission field—Sport and outreach 
  7. 7. Sport and support—Sport and spiritual encouragement 
  8. 8. But there’s more… The potential benefits of good health and travel 
  9. 9. The sport cycle—Starting out, getting serious, finishing up… and beyond 
  10. 10. A word for… parents, coaches, referees, chaplains, ministers and spectators 
  11. 11. A word about… sport on Sundays, praying for victory, how much sport, and sports ministry 
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    The Good Sporting Life

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    Stephen Liggins

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    Matthias Media

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The Good Sporting Life

Sport is a good gift from God. Sport has been corrupted by human sin. But sport can be played for God’s glory. These are the premises that Stephen Liggins unpacks in the first chapter of his excellent book: The Good Sporting Life. Having unpacked these truths as a starting point, Liggins takes the sporting believer through an exploration of the challenges and joys of playing sport as a believer. Having seen commendations from the likes of individuals involved in the UK sports ministry, Christians in Sport, I had high hopes for this book. Liggins does not disappoint. The Good Sporting Life is a really helpful read for Christians involved in sport at any level (and the history of sport and the church in chapter two is worth the price of the book alone!) Liggins brings examples from his own career, as well as many more from sportspeople of all ages and levels. Combining these examples with faithful teaching from Scripture, Liggins explores how a believer can glorify God in their sport. Whether you play, coach or merely watch sport, this book will be a great help to you, and will challenge you to use your involvement with the sporting world for God’s glory.

Ed Creedy, Free Church Books

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