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The Generosity Project

Learn, pray and work together to become the big-hearted people God calls us to be

Tony Payne and Geoff Robson



The Generosity Project

Learn, pray and work together to become the big-hearted people God calls us to be

Tony Payne and Geoff Robson


In Christian circles, ‘generosity’ is often code for giving money. But generosity is about far more than money.

God is lavishly generous towards us in a thousand ways, and most of all in the grace of the gospel. God’s powerful generosity through the gospel not only saves us, but sets us free to live a new, big-hearted life—a life which is no longer turned inwards on ourselves, but which flows out to others with an open, generous hand.

The Generosity Project is a set of resources to help you discover and live this new, generous life. Through this book and its free online videos, you’ll work with a small group of other Christians to engage with what the Bible says about generosity, read or watch input from leading pastor-teachers, and work out what it all means in practice in your life.


Part 1: A world built on generosity 

Part 2: The inward curve of the heart 

Part 3: A new, generous life 

Part 4: Money and the new life 

Part 5: The partnership of the generous 

Part 6: Reflection, action and prayer


The Generosity Project is an excellent resource to help Christians reflect deeply on a subject that is prominent in the Bible, but is often neglected in our teaching. The Generosity Project is always both challenging and grace-filled, Bible-based and practically applied. I warmly commend it for use by church groups and for individual readers.'Vaughan Roberts - Author, Director of The Proclamation Trust, and Rector of St Ebbe’s, Oxford'

'This is a long overdue note that needs striking.'Trevor Archer - London Director, FIEC UK

'Well-balanced, deeply challenging, biblically rich and unavoidably practical. I was looking for areas that may have been neglected, but failed to find any. If we are inexcusably reluctant to talk about this subject, The Generosity Project will hopefully help break this silence.'David Martin - Director, Irish Church Missions

'I found it hugely exciting thinking of the good this could do, and I will certainly make use of it.'David Gibson - Minister, Trinity Church, Aberdeen

'It is excellent, highly usable, perceptive, challenging, clear, faithful and very well-produced. Its potential uses, from the individual Christian to the corporate, are very exciting.'Trevor Johnston - Minister, All Saints’ Church, Belfast

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    The Generosity Project

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    Tony Payne and Geoff Robson

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    Matthias Media

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    Work & Money

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The Generosity Project

In an age when books often vie with digital content for our attention, ‘The Generosity Project’ harnesses the best of both to offer a small group study that is designed to enlarge our heart for others and for God. Curated by Tony Payne and Geoff Robson, this resource weaves together the wisdom of six Bible teachers in video and book format to form six studies on generosity. Bible studies on generosity often begin and end with money, but ‘The Generosity Project’ seeks to do something more. It is about building community and changing attitudes, so that our generosity becomes a character trait that encompasses our finances and so much more. Deeply rooted in the Bible, this is a great study for any leadership team or small group. The book can be used without the videos, but I would definitely recommend watching the videos too. In fact, I’d even say that its mixed media format makes this book uniquely well–suited to our current ‘distanced’ situation, as groups can choose to read/watch separately and come together online for the discussion questions, or take advantage of screen–sharing software to watch the videos together. It isn’t easy to think about generosity at a time when resources are stretched to a record level, both financially and spiritually. But sometimes, it’s just when we feel we have nothing left to give that we are most receptive to new perspectives. And what better way to prepare for a more generous future ahead than to start exploring it now?

Making generosity a Character trait

The Generosity Project

Wherever money is mentioned around Christians, guilt is never far away. And this is why Tony Payne and Geoff Robson – along with the help of pastors around the world – have written The Generosity Project. The Bible’s view of how Christians use money is not one of guilty giving, but joyful generosity! For many of us though, this vision seems unattainable. Which is why Payne and Robson start where all talk of generosity should: God. God is so generous! So long as we think of God as anything else, we’ll never find joy in our generosity (2 Corinthians 8:9). Reflecting biblically on what God has given us in creation and in salvation, I dare you to read this book without being moved to want to give. Something I found so helpful about The Generosity Project was its reminder that generosity is much bigger than money – it’s a whole lifestyle, lived for God’s glory and the good of others. Combining links to videos and passages to work through, the book is written for one–to–ones or small groups. So go get yourself a copy. Reading it hasn’t only given me a new resolve to give; it’s made me want to find opportunities to be generous. And that’s quite an achievement.

Jonny Ivey

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