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Keep the Faith

Shift your thinking on doubt

Martin Ayers



Keep the Faith

Shift your thinking on doubt

Martin Ayers


Do you sometimes feel discouraged by all the seemingly smart, sensible, normal people all around you who reject the truth of Christianity? Does it lead you to doubt the claims of Christ? In this honest and refreshing take on the doubts we all experience, Martin Ayers takes us back to what the Bible itself says about faith and doubt.

Keep the Faith is not difficult to read or understand, but it will profoundly shift the way you think about yourself, about others, and about the God who has redeemed us through Jesus.



Doubt is one of the most common struggles in the Christian life, but is rarely addressed and often only superficially. Here is a book that presents a rich theological understanding of the issue but remains easily readable and down to earth. It brings a refreshing new perspective so that those both old and new in the faith will benefit. As someone who doesn’t particularly struggle with doubt I was still encouraged in my faith, and I expect many will be greatly helped.

Graham Beynon, Pastor, Grace Church Cambridge and Director, Training for East Anglia Ministry (TEAM)

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” No wonder, then, that anti–God movements and philosophies seek to destabilize faith by sowing doubts. Martin Ayers in Keep the Faith devastatingly exposes the hypocritical presuppositions and arguments of many atheists and agnostics. They are not as unbiased as they claim to be. Positively, in three great chapters tackling the raising of Lazarus from the dead, we are given invaluable help as to how we should deal with the doubts that at times may plague us. This is a great book to read and to lend.

Jonathan Fletcher, Vicar, Emmanuel Church, Wimbledon

Martin Ayers tackles the real pastoral issues of doubt and faith in a clear, biblical, practical and well–illustrated way. He exposes the causes of doubt and then shows the biblical grounds for real faith. Martin wishes somebody had explained these grounds for real faith to him years ago—me too! I don’t think I have come across a book that fits this gap in the market. It is well worth reading even if you don’t struggle with doubts, and having spare copies to give away to friends who do.

Justin Mote, Associate Minister, St Andrew’s Church, Leyland and Director, North West Ministry Training Course

Left untreated, doubts can put your spiritual health at risk. Keep the Faith is full of biblical medicine. As you might expect, it shows us why it makes sense to put our trust in Jesus. But it also shows us why it doesn’t make sense to trust the verdict of our secular world, which is not as ‘neutral’ as it seems. I commend this book to anyone facing doubts, and to anyone seeking to help others plagued by them.

Andrew Sach, Associate Minister, St Helen’s Bishopsgate and Author of Dig Deeper

What a head–clearing, helpful book! A real eye–opener and medicine for anyone struggling with doubt.

Michael Reeves, Head of Theology, UCCF and Author of The Good God

A book of its time. The assaults of our culture on Christian faith are only going to become more aggressive and more powerful. In ‘Keep The Faith’ Martin Ayers gives us a thoughtful, practical and above all, Biblical aid for those who do, and will struggle to believe.

Rupert Standring, Senior Minister, St Peter’s Church, Fulham

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    Keep the Faith

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    Martin Ayers

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    Guidebooks for Life

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    Matthias Media

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    Life's Challenges

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Keep the Faith

Doubt. Not exactly a cheery subject, but reading Martin Ayers' book on doubt, left me cheered. Martin wants us to think differently about our doubts and doubts about the Christian faith in particular. Drawing from John's Gospel and the letter to the Romans, he gets us to see that no-one has neutral thoughts about Jesus and the truth of Christianity. We're either drawn to Jesus or we're trying to suppress the truth of the Gospel. Christians shouldn't be surprised then that so few people believe in the good news about Christ, and we shouldn't be afraid to address our doubts head-on. From there Martin goes on to offer great wisdom on what to do when we're suffering from doubt. It's a short, accessible read, and one that will certainly lift the heart in praise to God for saving you through Jesus. Next time I hear someone is struggling with doubt, I'll share with them some of what I read from here, and then press this book into their hands.

Gareth Russell

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