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The Final Lap

Navigating the transitions of later life

John Wyatt


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The Final Lap

Navigating the transitions of later life

John Wyatt


Life’s a marathon with many highs and lows along the way. As we approach retirement we transition into a new stage of our race, presenting us with a range of possibilities and pitfalls to navigate.

With experience and warmth, John Wyatt invites Christians to think through how we can approach the next stages of life well. He considers the move firstly from work to retirement, then independency to dependency, and finally from life to death as we approach the finishing line.

Whilst being honest about the struggles of each transition, The Final Lap lays out the wonderful opportunities God gives in every stage. And the more prepared we are to face each transition as it comes, the better we can face the challenges and the more fully we can embrace the future with hope and joy.


'As someone who has recently moved from work to retirement, I found this book both encouraging and challenging. John Wyatt takes us through three significant transitions with huge personal implications for all of us. With sensitive pastoral insight and a fine grasp of biblical teaching he has given us a unique and immensely helpful book.'

Paul Mallard, author of The Grace of Gratitude and Invest Your Suffering

'Reading this book, I stopped and punched the air with joy!'

Louise Morse, Pilgrims' Friend Society; author, What's Age Got To Do With It?

'A unique, comforting, and profound insight into the three major transitions that are likely to happen in the later stages of life. This extremely digestible and positive read will encourage and inspire all who find themselves in later life, as well as those of us who offer pastoral care and support to this precious generation. I would go as far as to say, I would recommend The Final Lap to everyone!'

Pippa Cramer, MBE, Pastoral Care and Seniors Minister Holy Trinity Church, Claygate



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    The Final Lap

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    John Wyatt

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    The Final Lap

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    Life's Challenges

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4.0 based on 2 reviews

Not just for those in their later years!

As someone in my (cough, cough) early forties, you may think that a book about the transitions of later life may be a little redundant - no pun intended! However, a few years ago I read a wonderful book called A Good Old Age by Derek Prime, and although I didn't relate to the issues for myself, it was really helpful to think through the issues that would soon relate to my dad, and to help understand the circumstances of the other more mature people in my life. This was my approach to reading this book; glean good advice and wisdom relating to those around me. The book is separated into 3 distinct sections: Moving from work to retirement Moving from independence to dependence Moving from life to death. Each addresses the obstacles and also opportunities that the stage brings with it. I was particularly challenged by the first section on retirement, and the secular view which suggests that retirement is about 'contented selfishness' -"You've worked hard, now's the time to enjoy yourself and do whatever you want". Of course, retirement should mark the end of a chapter of paid employment, but God still has much for us to do in these later years! I would recommend this to those approaching retirement ( in fact, it would make an ideal retirement gift for a Christian), but actually it's suitable for those of any age, as we all know people who will be going through these transitions, and can point them towards the opportunities of these stages.

The Final Lap

This is a book rooted in Scripture and Wyatt’s personal experience… Inevitably, in a book this size, Wyatt doesn’t have space to address all the practical issues that need to be considered. But, in a world that regards death as the ultimate taboo, this book is gold dust. If you find yourself approaching the final lap – or you have loved ones who are running it now – this book is for you. It would make for a great discussion starter for the golden oldies group in your church.

John Woods, Evangelicals Now

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