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Scattering Seeds of Hope

Evangelism for the Discouraged and Ineffective

Mary Davis and Jeremy Marshall


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Scattering Seeds of Hope

Evangelism for the Discouraged and Ineffective

Mary Davis and Jeremy Marshall


Nearly all of us are discouraged when it comes to evangelism. We love the Lord, and we want others to become Christians, but we are afraid and have many reasons and excuses for why we don’t or can’t share the gospel.

After being diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2013, until his death in 2023, Jeremy told countless people the gospel. Scattering Seeds of Hope explains the method Jeremy found so effective: simply sharing Bible stories, being a good friend and asking questions. There are no long gospel outlines to learn, no special techniques to rehearse and absolutely no guilt trips.

What if the secret to effective evangelism is to simply scatter seed abundantly and indiscriminately and watch while God does the rest?


“I’m just so grateful for this book, written by someone who has spent his life in the world of work and yet has such a good grip on the theology that needs to underpin authentic evangelism. The other great thing is that this book is short, so its lessons can be easily digested.” Rico Tice

"Jeremy was humbled, enthused, and empowered by his Lord in equal measure and in the most self-evident way. This was particularly true during Jeremy’s last years that God gave him. Please read his book with an open heart, listening for God’s calling, as Jeremy provides us with the most practical and exciting ways to share our faith." Richard Borgonon

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    Scattering Seeds of Hope

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    Mary Davis and Jeremy Marshall

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    Scattering Seeds

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    Evangelism & Mission

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5.0 based on 4 reviews

Scattering Seeds of Hope

I found this book so encouraging. Even the discouraging statistics were an encouragement! It is one of my favourite books on evangelism. It is short, gives ideas that feel non-daunting to implement into relationships with friends, points the reader to Jesus, and points the reader to point to Jesus!

Scattering Seeds of Hope

Jeremy has left us with a short book full of practical and inspirational ways of sharing the gospel. 

The content lends itself to numerous ways of encouraging one another to “scatter gospel seed”. It would make a great short series for small groups or could be read together and discussed at staff or leadership team meetings. And of course, it could simply be put in the hands of individual church members to equip and inspire them to evangelism.

Trevor Archer, FIEC

A merciful gracious and practical book on evangelism

This is the book on evangelism I have longed to be written. This is encouraging and equipping for people like me… Who struggle to share the gospel. Easy to read, with clear, biblical commonsense teaching, and a Winsome application. This is a lovely one-stop shop book for normal Christians, wanting to reach out with a supernatural power of the Spirit.

A precious gift to the Church

I had the great privilege of knowing the author for a short while before he went to be with Lord last year. Jeremy Marshall was one of the most gracious and godly men that I have ever met, a natural evangelist, he had a gentle and gracious way of sharing his faith that was very effective. In the pages of his evangelism guide - a final gift to the church before he went to be with the Lord, Jeremy walks us through why and how we should share our Christian faith with others. The book itself is divided up into ten short chapters full of spiritual encouragement and practical helps, it is a bit like having your own personal evangelism mentor! At the beginning of the book, the author encourages the reader that even if they aren’t a natural evangelist they can still be very effective in sharing their faith. He then moves on to explore how we begin a conversation about faith - the “scattering of seeds” into the interactions that we have with people around us. Jeremy also explores the different sources of power in our personal evangelism, with different chapters focusing on the power in: stories, questions, our own weakness, enthusiasm, our use of social media, prayer and the Holy Spirit and of God’s Word. In the final chapter, we are brought to the miracle of salvation and Jeremy closes with such a beautiful and encouraging testimony of how God used him right at the end of his life to bring a lost soul to Christ. There is so much wisdom and help packed into this wonderful little book encouraging all Christians to share their faith, whether they have the gift of evangelism or not: “But evangelism, even if it is done in a faltering way, will help our discipleship because it is an essential part of the expression of our faith. In short, we see that the power is not in us but in the word.” (p63) *Disclaimer: 10ofThose kindly provided me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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