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Say What?!

God’s amazing plan from creation to salvation

Emma Randall and Clare Luther


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Say What?!

God’s amazing plan from creation to salvation

Emma Randall and Clare Luther


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Say What!? is a beautiful gospel picture book for 4 - 7s that traces creation to salvation using rhymes, Scripture and prayer.

“Say what?! Take a look!

God writes his story in a book.

Say what?! It is true!

God knows all about me and you.”

Deep truths are captivatingly shared with little hearts and minds in this joyful picture book that explains God’s story from creation to salvation.

Find out who God is, how he wants us to live, the importance of the cross and more through rhyme, Bible text, prayers and engaging explanations.

Great for discussing big questions with your kids!

Selected endorsements:

"I'm delighted to recommend this book. My daughter and I were drawn in by the pictures (the one with everyone miserable and wearing a crown yielded a great chat) and that led effortlessly to verses that clearly explained the gospel. She told me what she enjoyed most was the rhyme time, which we keep doing and thankfully it's getting the gospel deeper into both of us."

Rico Tice, Christianity Explored Ministries 

"Clever, Captivating and Catchy. This is very well done!"

Glen Scrivener, Director and Evangelist at Speak Life

"Open up this book, read it with your child and breathe a little deeper. This is our Good News."

Ed Drew, Ministry Director of Faith in Kids

"This beautifully illustrated book is packed with simple and clear foundational truths, and will provide a springboard for parents to chat further with their kids, as well as share the gospel other families they know. I imagine many a home having fun learning the catchy rhymes – and maybe adding in some accompanying actions! A great book to have on the shelf and a second copy ready to pass on."

Tamar Pollard, Families Minister, Wahroonga Anglican Church, Sydney

"...It has made a wonderful gift for local families who come to our playgroup. Children at church, as well as my 9 year old niece and I, have loved learning the rhyme together!" 

Ruth Dwyer, Youth and Women's Ministry Worker, St Luke's Church  

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    Say What?!

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    Emma Randall and Clare Luther

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    Say What

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Overall rating

4.9 based on 7 reviews

Say What?!

If you’re looking for a book to compliment bible reading with small children, in a fun, colourful way, this book perfectly fits the bill. 

Beautifully rhythmic with captivating illustrations, this book tells the story of God’s plan from creation right through to salvation. The particular way in which this rhymes always ends up in us rapping the words, anyone else?!

My favourite part of this book is that it not only retells the beauty of the gospel in a child friendly way, but it includes frequent Bible verses. Thus grounding the retelling in the purity of scripture. This also creates a perfect springboard for further conversation and exploration of the richness of God’s promises

Jessica Hadden, Life Giving Pages

Packed full with the Good News

“Say What?!” is such a beautiful book, packed full with the Good News of who Jesus is and the joy of knowing Him. Clare so carefully and faithfully explains the Gospel to children in a catchy and wonderfully effective way!
Anna Grace

A wonderful resource

This isn't just a great book to read with a child - it is also a brilliant group resource! The children loved joining in and inevitably wanted it read more than once! Highly recommend.

How refreshing...

How refreshing to see a book for children that doesn't have a subversive agenda behind it but has been written and illustrated simply to share the greatest story ever told. History is "HIS-story".


Beautifully written and illustrated, helping young ones understand and take to their hearts the beautiful gospel of Jesus.

Our new favourite book!

We absolutely loved reading “Say what?!” to our two boys. It beautifully captures, through words and pictures, the good news of how Jesus made a way for us to be friends with God- the king of the universe. Reading it together as a family gave us lovely inroads to chat about how God knows and loves us, how he helps us in the mess of life, and ultimately came to rescue us. It wonderfully heralds God’s grace and the overarching story of the Bible in an engaging and accessible way. We even managed to make up a little song with the rhyme at the end while the boys drummed out a beat on the kitchen table 😊 It is now a firm favourite on our bookshelf!

A must for ever family’s bookshelf!

This book brings such inspired understanding to young children from how the world began, knowing how to love each other, doing and going our own way and ultimately coming to know Jesus for ourselves. With beautiful illustrations and creative rhyming I would highly recommend this book.

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