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Letters for Exiles

Faithful Living in a Faithless World

Andy Lamberton


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Letters for Exiles

Faithful Living in a Faithless World

Andy Lamberton


Ripped from his home and exiled to Babylon, Daniel stayed faithful to God in a faithless world.

Through a series of letters, Andy Lamberton imagines how a mentor might have encouraged Daniel to stand firm despite the pressures he faced. We too are far from home, citizens of heaven living in a foreign land. And just like Daniel, we need wisdom and encouragement to help us press on. Letters for Exiles brings Daniel’s experience to life as his mentor, Abel, disciples and equips him — and us — to flourish in exile. 

What others are saying:

"Andy Lamberton has done a masterful job, through a wonderfully imaginative medium, of bringing 'exile' to life as a contemporary and not merely a historical reality. As younger Christians in post-Christendom come to terms with our new situation within what some have called 'the empire of desire', and seek to live faithfully within it as 'foreigners and exiles' (1 Peter 2:11), this book will prove to be an important resource. I warmly commend it!"

— Iain Provan, Marshall Sheppard Professor of Biblical Studies, Regent College

"The essence of anyone’s faith journey with Jesus is a dynamic, daring and devoted relationship; it’s a call to discipleship. Letters for Exiles provides anyone seeking to fulfil the costly call of being a follower of the risen Christ with the confidence to keep persevering, keep fighting the good fight and to keep focused. Through these wonderfully imaginative letters written by Abel, who is just a few steps ahead in the journey of life, Daniel is being encouraged to grasp the full reality of what it means to be a faithful follower. In turn, Andy reminds us to acknowledge the exile we live in, of the importance of journeying alongside other like-minded disciples, and that we follow the champion and perfector of our that is exciting!"

— Damian Wharton, General Director, Scripture Union Northern Ireland

"I was sitting around a table almost a decade ago when I first heard Andy Lamberton use the metaphor of the Babylonian exile to describe the context in which the next generation would carry faith. It felt insightful and possible then, but it is both prophetic and real now. At that table Andy mused about who it might have been who mentored Daniel to prepare him to live out his faith in God in the way he did. Those musings have morphed into writings, as Andy has crafted this masterpiece to imagine letters written by an older, wiser and faithful friend to a young disciple navigating the fresh challenges of Babylon. This book is dripping in rich biblical narrative and strengthened by the context in which Andy himself has lived his life. He understands from personal experience what it means to live for God in environments where you might be standing alone, and he has dedicated years of his life to being a mentor to a generation of young disciples, helping prepare them for that very scenario. Andy is the real deal, and this book both captures his calling and expresses his heart. Read it for yourself, but also put multiple copies into the hands of young disciples to help prepare them for Babylon."

— Rick Hill, Secretary for Council for Mission in Ireland with the Presbyterian Church, and author of Deep Roots of Resilient Disciples

"It comes as no surprise that this book follows the rhythm of the character of the author: authentic, disciple-making, missional and Bible-honouring. Andy is the real deal and anything he says regarding discipleship is worth listening to. I encourage you to read this book slowly and prayerful- ly, taking time to doodle, write, reflect and allow the Holy Spirit to speak through it."

— Mitch, evangelist, Crown Jesus Ministries

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    Letters for Exiles

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    Andy Lamberton

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    12 - 14s, 15 - 18s

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    Lifes Challenges

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Overall rating

4.0 based on 2 reviews

A great resource for young people

Written for young people (around student age), this is a cleverly constructed book. Imagining that Daniel had a mentor when he was taken into exile, this is a series of letters where the mentor explores faith and faithful living. The author weaves the Book of Daniel and Jeremiah together well, and draws out many important lessons. This book would work well in a 1 to 1 context (perhaps over zoom when someone has gone to Uni) or in a small group (like a youth group).

A tool for discipleship and encouragement to grow in holiness despite our surroundings

This books is a series of imagined letters from an imagined mentor to Daniel as he goes into exile in Babylon. The framework is that Daniel was going into exile into a secular society back then, but today as the West becomes increasingly secular we too are like exiles seeking to live for God, stay the course, and grow in holiness in the midst of a culture that is not our own. The content of the letters help apply lessons for exile in parallel to our modern world. The author wrote these letters as he himself was discipling two young people who had just headed off to university and there are both questions at the end of each chapter to reflect on yourself and 'discussion' sections to encourage discussion with other people.

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