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The Four Emotions of Christmas

Bob Lepine


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The Four Emotions of Christmas

Bob Lepine


We expect Christmas to be a season filled with magic. And yet so often, we experience disappointment when our deepest longings go unfulfilled. What we want to be a nice, relaxing day turns into a stress-packed 24-hour period of time. Our loneliness and sadness are amplified because of how out of sync they are with what the season promises. 

Is there anything that could bring us lasting joy?

These books are designed to be given out widely and contain a clear gospel message.

The four chapters are also perfect for a short slot in services each week during advent, each week considering one of the emotions of Christmas.

To assist churches who are going to use the book in their evangelistic outreach we have also created a free downloadable powerpoint and poster/invite templates which can be adapted for services.

Access the resources here.

What others are saying about the book:

"This new book from our friend Bob Lepine makes it easy for all of us to share good news at Christmas with our relatives, co-workers and neighbors. It clearly communicates the message that because of Jesus' birth, joy has dawned upon the world."

— Keith and Kristyn Getty

"I know from personal experience that it can be a challenge to find the 'merry' in your Christmas. This book will point you in the right direction.”

— Steven Curtis Chapman

“Some of us come to the Christmas season thinking it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Others approach it just hoping to make it through December. The good news is that you can bring your emotions, whatever they are, to the heart of the real Christmas story. With care and compassion, Bob Lepine diagnoses the emotions you might be feeling and helps trace those back to the first Christmas. This is a wonderful, short guide to helping you face this season by pointing you back to the person at the center of it all, Jesus, and ultimately back to joy. Get this book for yourself, for your friends and for your family.”

— Daniel Darling, director of the Land Center for Cultural Engagement; bestselling author of several books, including TheCharacters of Christmas and The Characters of Easter

“Christmas like never before! That gap between your holiday expectations and what really happens is about to change. From the first Christmas to today, Bob Lepine weaves stories and strategies together that will turn a global tradition into your personal transformation. First, read it alone, then share it with others.”

— Karl Clauson, Lead Pastor of 180 Chicago Church and radio host of Karl & Crew Mornings

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    The Four Emotions of Christmas

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    Bob Lepine

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Overall rating

4.3 based on 3 reviews

The Four Emotions of Christmas

This is a thoughtful and contemporary evangelistic book. The four emotions dealt with are: disappointment, stress, sadness and joy. The closing chapter explains the message at the heart of Christmas. There are plenty of anecdotes and stories, mostly American in culture but the biblical message shines throughout and you get an invitation to seek out a Christianity Explored course.

Sheila Stephen

The Four Emotions of Christmas

When I first heard about the concept of this book, it immediately resonated with me. Can’t we all look back over the years and remember vivid emotions—both positive and negative—associated with Christmas season? I have felt each of the emotions around the holidays that Bob Lepine walks us through in his main four chapters: disappointment, stress, sadness, and joy, sometimes even experiencing them in the same day! We often get caught up in the hype of the season, for good or for bad. The intense joy we feel some years around Christmas celebrations cause the pang of disappointment and sadness we feel other years to sting more sharply. If Jesus brought joy to the world and there’s reason to celebrate, why do we feel these other emotions? Why is a holiday meant to bring peace often such a source of stress? As a believer, I needed this book to help me stop and identify the emotions I have felt at different times around Christmas. Lepine gives practical help to address all of these emotions. But as he says, “ those practical ideas are just band aids or plasters… They can help address the symptoms a bit—but they don’t offer a real cure…. For the Christmas season and the rest of life to be what we long for it to be requires a fundamental realignment of our lives around a new center” (p. 55). That center is Christ. This book shepherds believers in our emotions by reminding us of the truth behind the Christmas story of God coming to earth to save. Beyond that though, this book is an incredible evangelistic tool. If you and I as believers can resonate with the four emotions of Christmas, how much more unbelievers who don’t know Christ? It’s a short read so it’s very accessible and perhaps the discussion around emotions will strike a chord with someone who wouldn’t be open to a typical gospel tract. Most importantly, it will point them to a deeper, lasting hope in Christ. The gospel is beautifully displayed throughout the book and the author reminds us that, in turning to Christ, we can know his joy, peace and love. “The stresses and emotions of Christmas can be put into perspective as we experience the first taste of happiness and peace that will last forever” (p. 63).

Miranda Hale

The Four Emotions of Christmas

When it comes to Christmas I can honestly say I feel all the emotions covered in this book: sadness, stress, disappointment and joy, in varying degrees. The book is easy to read, and although it has a few American statistics, it’s suitable for a worldwide audience, as I’m pretty sure all these emotions are universal. I appreciated the practical tips for each chapter on how to try and make the most of Christmas amongst these emotions, and have already been thinking how I can put these into action this year (especially relating to stress!). Most importantly Bob Lepine highlights the only lasting joy of the season, Jesus, and there is a clear gospel message of how we can find lasting joy through trusting in Him. The book has a really attractive and Christmassy cover, and will be great for giving away in the community. It also breaks down nicely for the 4 weeks of Advent. My advice would be to read it early to get the most benefit before Christmas!

Bethan Lycett

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