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Road Map to Jesus

Alistair Chalmers


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Road Map to Jesus

Alistair Chalmers


On the Road to Emmaus, Jesus opened up the Old Testament to two of his followers. We don’t know exactly what he said, but we do know that the resurrected Jesus explained to them that he was the fulfilment of many things written hundreds or thousands of years before.
While we can’t go back in time, we can look at the moments, promises and passages that find their fulfilment in Jesus, giving us a bigger picture of who he is and what he has done.
In short chapters, Road Map to Jesus helps us see the greatness and majesty of Jesus and how he really is the one that God’s people have been waiting for.

Alistair has managed to walk us through key Old Testament passages, showing how they point to Christ in chapters that are a simple 5-minute read, making this book ideal for a daily reflection, family Bible time or gift for a new believer.

Linda Allcock, writer, speaker and lecturer at London Seminary



One of the reasons our world is tearing itself apart is that it has rejected and lost sight of the story of God. Road map to Jesus simply makes you love the beautiful story more and marvel at its Author. Like a masterful detective, Alistair Chalmers has done a brilliant job of pulling together the threads that reveal Christ in the Old and New Testaments. As a church we desperately need to be captivated afresh with the whole Biblical narrative and communicate it to a world that has never needed it more. I am excited by the potential this book has to do this.

Phil Knox, Evangelical Alliance and author of Story Bearer and The Best of Friends



Enlightening, exciting and easy to read, Roadmap to Jesus places us with the disciples on the Emmaus Road journeying through the bigger story of the Bible and how it all points to our glorious saviour. In these short chapters, Alistair Chalmers makes the riches of the Old Testament easy to digest and accessible to anyone, leaving us asking our own response to Jesus and his word. This book helped me make connections I had never before seen, giving a richer and deeper view of who Jesus is, that he is the same yesterday, today and forever. I would recommend to anyone wanting to see Jesus in all the pages of scripture!

Abi Andrews, UCCF Staff Worker, Lancaster University



Roadmap to Jesus is a clear and helpful

resource for those desiring to see the connection between Jesus and the Old Testament. This book connects many Old Testament passages to the person and work of Jesus and how Jesus fulfils those hopes and promises. Anyone wanting to grow in their understanding of Jesus and the Old Testament with find this a helpful guide and useful resource. This book an excellent introduction to some key Old Testament passages and prophecies.

Dustin Greenup, Youth Pastor, Indian Trail Church,Spokane

Road Map to Jesus is a brilliant read - whether you're a seeker, sceptic, new believer or just someone wanting to see how all the Scriptures point to Jesus. Each chapter is refreshingly short yet surprisingly rich. You'll join Alistair on a journey that starts right back at the beginning and casts your eyes forward to days yet to come. Along the way you'll discover who Jesus is, what he is like, and why he came. I pray that as you read, you'll get to know him and see his invitation held out to you.


Claire Povey, Festive and author of Beyond Beans on Toast

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    Road Map to Jesus

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    Alistair Chalmers

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    Bible Reading

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    Adults, Youth, New Christian

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Overall rating

4.8 based on 4 reviews

Road Map to Jesus

In 160 pages and 36 short chapters, Alistair introduces us to the main Old Testament passages that lead to Jesus.

In the first part of three, Alistair shows that the whole of the Old Testament narrative, all its festivals and sacrifices, and its great promises and prophecies point forward to Jesus. In part 2, the focus is on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Finally in part 3, Alistair challenges us to take this good news to the ends of the earth.

This is a lightweight and accessible introduction to biblical theology. Not everyone is a reader. We need something that will give a straightforward introduction to the subject.

This is the kind of book that you could give to a Christian who wanted an introduction to the way in which the Old Testament connected with Jesus and the New Testament. It might form the background and structure for a series of lessons for a Sunday School class or a youth bible study. As I read it I thought that my wife and I might read a chapter each morning at our devotions together.

You could also consider giving it to an interested non-Christian, since the gospel, the cross and the resurrection are all central to the book. There is a clear and warm gospel appeal throughout.

Paul Mallard, FIEC

A really enjoyable read

I love to see how all of the Bible points to Jesus. This book shows how the 66 books of the Bible tell one great story. The chapters are short and readable. We are doing an OT overview in our small book and this is one of the books we recommend.


A great book to help you see Jesus in all the Bible

This is the kind of book I wish I had read in the first few years of being a Christian. It is a collection of over 30 short insights from the Old Testament, showing how Jesus is clearly prophesied, pictured or promised there. If you aren’t sure what relevance the Old Testament has - this is a great primer. Perfect for young people and young Christians. Heart warming stuff.

Helpful little book that is great to read and give away!

This book aims to show people how the Old Testament points to Jesus and it would be helpful to both those who don’t know much about Jesus and Christians who want to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus. It is small and each chapter is only 4 pages, so it isn’t intimidating for those who aren’t big readers. One thing I love about this book is that Jesus is made prominent in every chapter, not just at the end of the book!

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