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Advent Meditations from the Book of Hebrews

Tim Chester


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Advent Meditations from the Book of Hebrews

Tim Chester


We all know that Jesus ought to be the focus of our celebration at Christmas. And yet, we so easily fall into the trap of sidelining Him each year.

In these 24 Advent devotions, Tim Chester encourages us to look away from the distractions of our culture and instead, be engrossed by Jesus. This might not sound very practical, but it is life-changing. Using the opening chapters of Hebrews as a tour guide, these devotions show us the key sights of the Lord’s glory and invite us to fix our eyes on Jesus this Christmas.

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    Tim Chester

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    Fixated Forgiven

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Make no mistake – this is a brilliant book.The Letter to the Hebrews contains so many precious truths of our Saviour’s identity, mission, heart, and present work on our behalf. In twenty–four two–page daily Advent devotions, Tim Chester pauses to linger over these truths in order that we might see clearer the one upon whom we are directed to ‘fix our eyes’ (Hebrews Ch12 v 1). As well as being a mini course in Christology with helpful explanation and illustrations, each devotion finishes with a paragraph prompting reflection. All good theology leads to practical application. Here, issues such as our life’s purpose, feeling unloved, fragile, or guilty, knowing peace and much more are addressed in these reflections.

Alisdair Macleod


Christmas signifies the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This is the time for us to stop and meditate of His coming to earth as a baby. His incarnation found in the Gospels help us grasp this monumental event in history. However, there is more than his incarnation that is needed to be known. That is just part of who Christ is that we should affirm as a Christian. His deity, His part in the Trinity, His death, burial and resurrection are also needed to be highlighted not a scattered truths we designate a day or week during the year. We need to focus on this person and all His important aspect this Christmas. To guide us to better understand these truth during this holiday season, we go to the a book in the Bible that might not be your best pick for the Christmas Story. Fixated is devotional that will invigorate your soul in meditating on Jesus Christ. Everyday you’ll look forward to encounter and get to know him more . For 24 days you’ll get spiritual encouragement as the book takes a look at some early chapters of Hebrews. As we all know, Hebrews try to connect New Testment to the Old Testament particularly, Jesus Christ as a fulfillment of this written on that part of God’s Words. Chester carefully articulates and sometimes carries it over to the next entry which I really like. Fixated really gives solid excursions on the glory of our Lord found on Hebrews that will draw you and your family to the most important person this Christmas. We might get caught in the busyness of life or get discouraged. Let Fixated fill in these truths about Jesus and let it permiate our life. Focusing to Christ Fixated is a reader friendly and biblically sound devotional for the family. The unlikely book of the Bible and as well as the unlikely topic for Christmas is highlighted in this book. Nevertheless, there is no better time that this to look at Jesus. Tim Chester This Christmas and everyday stay focus on Christ. Highly recommended!

Nitoy Gonzales


‘Fixated’ – A strange title for a series of Christmas readings but as one reads through these 24 short studies Dr Chester proves his point. These meditations are easy to read but it is sometimes difficult to identify the target audience. – Sometimes a meditation is clearly a tract for the unconverted, sometimes a sweet reminder to the lonely or depressed, and sometimes a challenge to those of longer experience of God’s keeping power. For many older or ‘mature Christians’, who will be familiar with the opening chapters of Hebrews, these meditations make an interesting perspective of the incarnation. But again, I must come back to the question of target audience: Although Dr Chester rightly emphasises in italics a quotation from John Owen and two scriptures, it would be helpful for those who are seeking or for those who are new to the scriptures to include the actual proof texts to which he refers. In this day and age not everyone has a bible and even if they do they may not feel inclined to laboriously seek out the passages to which Chester refers. For those of a more mature faith, Dr Chester makes several dogmatic and thought–provoking statements which could be the starter for more in–depth group discussions.

Ray Tolley

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