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Evangelistic Living

Sharing the Gospel day by day

Roger Carswell


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Evangelistic Living

Sharing the Gospel day by day

Roger Carswell


‘The greatest act of service is to share the gospel with an unconverted person.’

Throughout the Bible, there is a sense of urgency in evangelism. If God can urgently plead with people to turn from their sin to receive forgiveness and eternal life, then why wouldn’t we echo His heart and cry?

Filled from start to finish with inspiring anecdotes from a lifetime of evangelism, Evangelistic Living is a powerful, practical and motivational book that will help rekindle or even, perhaps, fire your evangelistic witness for the first time.

What others are saying about Evangelistic Living:

"Roger Carswell is not only a first-rate evangelist, he knows how to inspire others in personal evangelism. His new book, Evangelistic Living, is powerful, practical and profoundly motivational. He makes the gospel message clear  the manner of witness effective the motivation infectious thorugh powerful stories  and in his inimitable style, he leaves us without excuse while rekindling our joy for witness. I loved the book and I think you will too."
Rebecca Manley Pippert, Author of Stay Salt: The World Has Changed — The Message Must

"Evangelism is not merely an activity that we engage in but it should be a lifestyle that we practice. Having had the joy of knowing Roger over a number of years I can think of no one better to write on this subject. He practises what he preaches and models what he mandates. Read this and turn each day to an adventure of faith as we look for every opportunity to share Christ."
Michael Ots, Author and University Evangelist 

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    Evangelistic Living

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    Roger Carswell

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    Evangelism & Mission

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Overall rating

4.8 based on 4 reviews

Clear, encouraging, inspirational

I really enjoyed reading this, and found it a great refresher on evangelism. It's really encouraging, easy to read, filled with great stories, quotes and anecdotes. I found it helpful to remind me of the urgency of evangelism, that we have the greatest thing to offer people, and really useful practices I can incorporate into my life. Highly recommended.

Evangelistic Living

I enjoyed this book immensely and appreciated the gentle and clear prod to live evangelistically. It is intended to give encouragement and ideas for church members in our joint duty to share the gospel. It is divided into five chapters which deal with different aspects of evangelistic living, beginning in the first chapter with the simple joy of speaking of the Lord Jesus, and our responsibility to share the gospel. In chapter two, Carswell reviews the content of the gospel so that we may be clear about what it is that we should proclaim. There is nothing new here, but it is refreshingly and simply stated. Perhaps more time could have been spent on defining the forgiveness of sin, rather than simply stating it. Its consequences for our conversion were set out, but a definition would have been helpful. But this is a counsel of perfection: it does not detract from the book’s substance. The third chapter presses home the joy and moral duty of sharing the gospel. I was impressed by how Carswell takes every opportunity to do this. He is a strong advocate of the use of tracts. Chapter four focuses on patience in evangelism. We should listen carefully to those to whom we are talking, and not come at them with a pre–prepared answer; and we should be persevering in our witness to people over the decades. The book closes with a helpful chapter containing practical ideas and suggestions for evangelism. This is a positive and encouraging little book which I will be recommending to the church of which I am an elder.

Patrick Buckley, Evangelical Times Reviews

Evangelistic Living

Roger Carswell, a well–known and eminent evangelist, impresses upon the reader of this short but important book the urgent need to incorporate evangelism as an integral part of our everyday lives. Throughout the book, the writer peppers each section with practical illustrations drawn from his personal experience or from the testimony of effective Christian witness in differing circumstances. His advice is vital and pertinent and should lead to greater willingness to engage in personal witness. Although what Roger Carswell tells us is timeless and valuable, this book was clearly written before the social restrictions arising from the current pandemic and therefore future editions may benefit from considering the use of social media and on–line evangelism.

Gari Lewis

Evangelistic Living

This is an inspiring little book from a great evangelist on how to share the Gospel through personal relationships and contacts. Not all of us are gifted to be evangelists, but all Christians can learn from this book. After clearly showing what the Gospel is, Carswell fills the rest of the book with Biblical teaching, personal experiences and stories of different ways to share the Gospel and take up opportunities that come our way. He is particularly inspiring and creative in the ways he uses tracts (where did you get your wallet from, Roger?). Carswell is a realist– he has a whole chapter on the need to persevere and to be patient, but he ends on a positive not of expectancy – you don’t know if God might use you to bring someone to faith today!

Stephen Ayre

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