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Dig Into Matthew

A Bible Study Guide

Chris Ranson


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Dig Into Matthew

A Bible Study Guide

Chris Ranson


Dig Into Matthew invites you to get to know Jesus better as you are guided through Matthew's gospel. In 50 undated devotions, you can jump right into the heart of the gospel with these accessible, rich and thought-provoking notes.

Why did Jesus come as a human? What even is the 'Kingdom of God' anyway? And did John the Baptist really eat locusts?

With the help of Chris Ranson's illustrations, notes and doodles, all these questions and more will be answered. There's never been a better time to dig into Matthew.

Age Range: 11-14

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    Dig Into Matthew

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    Chris Ranson

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    12-14s, 15-18s

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Overall rating

4.8 based on 6 reviews

Definitely worth reading

What a fun little book. Ranson writes in a way that young minds could read through this and understand what is going on. It is a great resource to read while you walk through Matthew. I would describe it as a simple commentary. The questions he asks at the end of each day help the reader think through what he/she just read. Definitely worth reading and I recommend it to anyone who claims Christ. I'm hoping there are more books like this that walk through other books in the Bible. Maybe Ranson can make a book series if he hasn't already.

Chris Joines

Dig Into Matthew

This is one of my favourite bible study books around at the moment. I’m using it with one teenager who finds the illustrations really helpful, and the final question is a good way to start a discussion about what it means for his life. I’ve also used this with young adults who are new to faith and would like a simple way to start reading the Bible. Each study clearly points to who Jesus is and establishes some of the foundations of faith, as well as being funny (without straying over the line into cringy, as youth products can). I’d recommend this to youth leaders who want something to use in 1to1 situations, to parents wanting to give their child a devotional and more generally to Christians who want quite an easy way into Bible study.

Ben Horrex

Dig Into Matthew

The book helps me understand the history of Israel 2000 years ago and this puts into perspective what it was like for Jesus. I like how the book goes through Matthew a few verses at a time and explains it in interesting ways sometimes using illustrations. It has questions at the end of each passage and they challenged me to think hard about how I live my life. One example of how this book helped me is in the parable of the soils, and I finally understood it and I started to think where I was on the list of different soils.

Anndra Cummings

Dig Into Matthew

It surprised me how funny and humorous the book was because when I first saw it I was like, “Oh great another same daily reading book,” I was not expecting it to be quite so funny, interesting and challenging to anyone and everyone looking to have Jesus as their best friend. I would DEFINITELY recommend this book to all my friends and family

Lois Macleod

Dig Into Matthew

These 50 undated readings from Matthew dispense solid Biblical teaching in both text and illustrated form. The Gospel is clearly taught throughout. A great resource for teenagers.

Stephen Ayre

Dig Into Matthew

‘Dig Into Matthew’ is a 50 day guide to the gospel of Matthew. Each day, you read a passage of Matthew, along with a short 2 page explanation of the passage in the book. The great message of the book is that Jesus is King, and that through faith in him we can be part of his kingdom too. The book is written in a very accessible style – the language is very clear and easy to follow. Each day, the book explains what you are reading in Matthew and it is very good at addressing sections that could be confusing or that raise questions. Alongside the explanations of Matthew, the book is also full of brilliant illustrations. These are very effective – they help explain key concepts, they are used to show the connections that Matthew makes with the Old Testament, and they help unpack Jesus’s message and mission. At the end of each daily reading, there are some questions to think about. These are really helpful for applying the emphasis of the passage to daily life. ‘Dig Into Matthew’ is a really helpful guide, both for daily Bible reading in general and for the gospel of Matthew in particular. The language is very accessible, so the book is great for teenagers as well as adults.

Thomas Davis, Free Church Books

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