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The Weirdest Nativity

Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell


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The Weirdest Nativity

Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell


"A compelling read" Presbyterian Herald
This is a book for people who already know the standard nativity – the baby, the stable, the manger… 

But it includes one character you were probably never told about – an enormous red dragon. We didn’t make him up. His story is tucked away in the lesser-known pages of the Bible and his terrible deeds are verifiable facts of history. Though few people are aware of him, he is fighting a battle in which we all must choose sides.

So this Christmas, let us fill in the gaps as we introduce you to the weirdest nativity.
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    The Weirdest Nativity

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    Andrew Sach and Jonathan Gemmell

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    Adults, Enquirer / Seeker

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4.8 based on 4 reviews

The Weirdest Nativity

This is a delightful little book which is just long enough to make you curious, but not so long that the academia makes your brain sore. The setting is in our times, making it relate to every member of the human race, yet it points to the past and far into the future. Here indeed is a nativity story embedded in the whole of the Bible not just in the passages churned out during advent. Rarely if ever has a legitimate dragon featured in the story of the stable, yet here in this new rendering of the meaning of Christmas the relevance of John’s fifth gospel comes into our consciousness like a beacon of hope in an evil world. This book is a Christmas apologetic and can be read by atheists, agnostics, faiths rich and poor alike for it begs the personal question as to whether we really believe that the ugliness of this world is caused by our sin. If so, Jesus was birthed by God, crucified on a cross and triumphed over a very real dragon called satan by being raised from the dead, all for the sake of man.

Ruth Aird, Edinburgh Theological Seminary

The Weirdest Nativity

Picture all that you know of the nativity, and then experience it in a fresh new way because The Weirdest Nativity is like no nativity you would imagine. More often than not, we let the story of the birth of Jesus wash over us in an all too familiar way. However this nifty book, based on what the Bible teaches in Revelation 12, helps us to see that bigger picture. It’s an evangelistic toold that is incredibly more than the nativity narrative recorded in Matthew and Luke. The authors have uniquely written this with an agnostic in mind but, as a disciple of Jesus, I found it very useful as it explains Revelation 12 like I have never heard it before. The book encompasses the whole sweep of Scripture, from the Old Testament to the New in the context of the nativity. Written in everyday language that connects with the reader, it is seamlessly transferable in how we relate the gospel to friends and family as we share our faith. This is a compelling read with an emphasis on “the wonder of forgiveness, the assurnace of victory and the hope of eternity” gifted to us as Christians.

Presbyterian Herald

The Weirdest Nativity

Imagine turning up to a children’s nativity where there is a child dressed up as a dragon, a baby with a crowbar, a lamb instead of a doll in the manger and broken pieces of pottery on the floor. Picture a nativity that doesn’t use the four gospels as it’s basis but instead is rooted in the book of Revelation and about this battle between the dragon and the lamb that gets roasted, then ends with a Christmas carol. This is the nativity like you have never heard before. This is genuinely the weirdest nativity. The authors have brilliantly drawn the Christmas story from the book of revelation and presented it in a non–conventional way that is refreshing and exciting. We are introduced to the red dragon and shown how he is a key figure in not only the nativity itself, but also in the bigger picture of the whole bible. The reader is confronted with a choice between serving the dragon or following the lamb, through the gospel being clearly presented. ‘The Weirdest Nativity’ is a great, unique Christmas read for those who are believers and also an ideal gift to give away to your non–believing friends, family and even strangers on the street. A short, easy and compelling read.

James Edwards – Insane Theologian Blog

The Weirdest Nativity

Ask what people how the Christmas story begins they’ll speak about shepherds, a stable, Joseph and Mary and a cute little baby Jesus. But is that really the only description of the nativity scene that we see in Scripture? This short booklet gives us another perspective on that story and one that we maybe haven’t considered before; it includes a dragon! Jon and Andrew retell the Christmas story from Revelation 12 and they bring to light some of the wonderful promises of Scripture that we know to be true because Christmas exists. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, this year for Christmas, we could tell people something that they maybe hadn’t thought of before and get them to stop reducing Christmas to a manger? Christmas is far more than that and this book brings great insight into that. I devoured this book in an hour because it is so easily written, it’s got great humour in it, but it also leaves you thinking and being challenged. This is a great little booklet to help you think about Christmas from a different perspective this year, buy a copy and tell people about the weirdest nativity.

Alistair Chalmers

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