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Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

New Testament Daily Readings

Glen Scrivener


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Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

New Testament Daily Readings

Glen Scrivener



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Glen Scrivener in Volume 2 of Reading Between the Lines takes a look at the New Testament. Over 6 months he looks at a familiar phrase every day, and links it to a New Testament bible passage. Each day has around 2-3 pages of text to read, and undoubtably points to Jesus and his saving grace. These devotions are perfect for anyone who wants to know Jesus better, whether they’ve been a Christian for 5 days or 5 decades.

Presented in a beautiful hardback format, it’s fresh and contemporary, and yet deep and insightful.

Volumes 1 and 2 together complete a full year of undated devotions.

What others are saying about Reading Between the Lines:

"Here is true refreshment, both of mind and spirit." Richard Bewes, former Senior Pastor of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London

"This is a phenomenal read. Get this book, you will not be disappointed." Alistair Chalmers, Assistant Pastor of Bruntsfield Evangelical Church, Edinburgh

"Insighful exegesis ... everyday application -- will continually warm your heart beside the fire of God's Word." Matt Smethurst, Managing Editor of The Gospel Coalition

"Jam packed with insights that will warm your heart ... Leads us to a daily feast of 'delighting in Christ'. Wonderfully refreshing." Jonathan Thomas, Minister of Cornerstone Evangelical Church, Abergavenny and Pastoral Dean of Union School of Theology

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    Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

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    Glen Scrivener

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    Reading Between The Lines

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Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

I’m about 3 weeks into this and have found some interesting thoughts and insights. However, I was disappointed to read that he clearly equates meekness with weakness. Doesn’t Scrivener understand that meekness is a strength? I overlooked this at first but day after day he keeps repeating it, to the point of irritation.

Allister McCallum

Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

In a page or two every morning, Glen walks you through a phrase and he unpacks it by taking you to the Bible. This book offers you 6 months of daily devotionals that are saturated with the beauty of Christ and the gospel. It offers you insights that will stir your heart to praise God and challenge your mind to ponder His majesty. I really enjoy these devotionals because they aren’t too long or too short. You won’t be overwhelmed with information or left short changed, but you will be better equipped to be a follower of Christ as you are always taken back to God’s Word. This book is a tremendous gift to give to a new Christian or a seasoned saint. Glen has done a tremendous job of connecting the Bible with people’s lives and giving good and practical short readings for people to ponder. Reading this every day will encourage you, build up your faith and make you feel better equipped to read the Bible.

Alistair Chalmers

Reading Between The Lines: Volume 2

In this work Glen Scrivener has produced a second volume of daily readings to encourage and edify believers, this time from the New Testament to supplement his previous volume on the Old Testament. Each reading is around two pages long, which is helpfully “bite–size”, and they are numbered days 1–184. They seem intended to be worked through in the course of a year. They work through the NT sequentially and selectively. The Gospels loom largest, occupying the first two–thirds of the book, and the life of Christ is followed by moving between the four. Then come selections from the rest of the NT, mostly in Bible order. Each daily reading is in effect a mini–sermon. The typical structure is: a relatable real–life introduction, explanation of Scripture and then application. There are no set prayers, but the introduction encourages prayer in light of the text. There is a great deal here to be very grateful to Glen for. He seems incapable of writing a dull sentence, an unclear paragraph, a pedestrian illustration or an application that doesn’t move the heart and will. There is tremendous grounding in ordinary life, insight into human nature and profundity of application, and all done with a light touch, in very short compass and without feeling “heavy”. Readers from a wide variety of social and educational backgrounds are likely to find these readings very accessible. ––– This review was originally published in The Global Anglican, Vol 135, Issue 3

Timothy Ward, Oak Hill College

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