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Pure Church

Recovering God's Plan for Local Churches

David Skull, Andrew King and Jim Sayers

Pure Church

Recovering God's Plan for Local Churches

David Skull, Andrew King and Jim Sayers


Recently there has been a growing concern for the health of gospel churches. But very often that concern comes down to the introduction of a few new items to the church agenda – a Christian foundations course here or a discipleship course there.

The agenda of this book is different. It's vision is that the whole way a church should be formed, run and led should work for the health of all its members and the thriving of the church as a community of God's people. It is a church with an intentional mindset throughout. It is a church where all the dots are joined up.

The church of Christ will be completely pure only in the new creation. But local churches are to be a colony of that Pure Church now. This book is a call to work towards that purity.



‘My honest opinion is that this book provides exactly what evangelical Christianity needs, but generally doesn't know it: a biblical vision for robust and healthy churches.’ - Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director, 9Marks

‘This short and accessible book makes an invaluable contribution to the rediscovery of a biblically vibrant local church life. Read it, teach it, study it and put into practice the principles that it expounds.’ - Robert Strivens, Pastor of Bradford on Avon Baptist Church

‘Anyone interested in seeing their church grow more healthily would benefit from reading this. Warmly commended.’ - Ray Evans, Church Leadership Consultant, FIEC

‘In our time the word church has become somewhat inflated ... I welcome this rich collection of essays defining, illustrating, and commending the biblical model of a pure church, the confessing church, the church made of believers who covenant with one another before God.’ - Leonardo De Chirico, Lecturer in Historical Theology, IFED, Padova, Italy

‘A prayerful spirit breathes through this book, which is characterised by gentleness, humility, energy, joy and deep conviction. It is written by eleven seasoned pastors who love God's word and know how to teach it clearly, practically and with helpful illustrations. They believe that the more closely local churches order themselves in God's way, the more clearly they will display the gospel ... If the biblical teaching of this book is read, pondered and put into practice, our congregations will be holy and happy, growing in godliness to the glory of God.’ - Stuart Olyott, pastor, author and missionary

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    Pure Church

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    David Skull, Andrew King and Jim Sayers

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    Grace Publications

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