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Names and Attributes of God Devotional Dippers

Andrew Sweasey


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Names and Attributes of God Devotional Dippers

Andrew Sweasey


Fun, interactive Bible devotions for the whole family to enjoy!

Devotional dippers are a great way to get your whole family to open up the Bible together. Each stick includes a theme, a Bible reference for you to read, a question to discuss together and a prayer point to encourage you to speak to God. Tubes include a detailed instruction leaflet.

Ideal for age 7+ but can be adapted to suit younger children.

  • Title

    Names and Attributes of God Devotional Dippers

  • Author(s)

    Andrew Sweasey

  • Series

    Devotional Dippers

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  • Age Range

    4-7s, 8-11s

  • Topic


  • Audience

    Children, Families

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Names and Attributes of God Devotional dippers

I have to be honest, when I first saw these in July 2019, I was very sceptical. The name, devotional dipper, made me think that compared to other devotional materials for families, these would follow that trend and be light. I’ve been very surprised. When I serve my little ones their dinner, I don’t give them different food to me but I do cut it up for them into smaller chunks they can chew and swallow. This is what the devotional dippers do. We’ve been going through the pack on God. What we are getting is a solid, deep and meaty theology of God, cut up small into 40 chunks. Over the course of the past 36 days we have examined the character and work of the Triune God in depth I was not expecting. I’ve even learned things I did not know. The format is simple. There is statement of truth. A bible passage that links to and supports that statement. A question or two to cement the idea and suggestions for thanksgiving and prayer. Individually, the dippers have been good but the cumulative effect over the past month has been to build a solid doctrine of God. I am very thankful for this resource and the children love it. I highly recommend these for family devotionals over breakfast.

Chris, Effective Faith

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