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The Glories of God's Love

A gospel primer for Christians

Milton Vincent


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The Glories of God's Love

A gospel primer for Christians

Milton Vincent


“I love this book because it helps me drink in the wonderful truths of the Gospel more deeply. It’s a book to read slowly. It will help you to apply the Gospel to your daily fight with sin and service of Christ.” – Tim Dossor, The Titus Trust 

There is no better antidote to feelings of guilt, despondency and exhaustion in the Christian life than remembering that we aren’t saved by our own efforts, but by grace.

We know in theory that we need to hear this truth regularly, but it can be hard to know exactly how we can take up the challenge to preach the gospel to ourselves daily. In this practical and helpful book Milton Vincent reflects on gospel truths and encourages us to take the time to let the gospel affect our hearts and lives.

Whether you are a new believer, or have been a Christian for years use this book to savour the glories of God’s love, and be amazed at the difference it makes to your life!

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    The Glories of God's Love

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    Milton Vincent

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The Glories of God’s Love

The book in 3 sentences The gospel is the greatest source of God’s power, apart from Christ, so as we recall it, our hearts are renewed and we see the world through God’s eyes, with compassion and love. Life is a wonderful blessing from God, yet we have rejected his authority and denied his goodness, thus becoming isolated and totally deserving of complete separation without the power to turn back to God or change our position. It is only through Jesus’ sacrifice that we are holy and blameless in God’s sight, such that even when we sin, God only loves us (his wrath fully dealt with at the cross) and wants to forgive us so that we can experience the fullness of his love. Impressions It changed the way I thought about the gospel as a Christian and encouraged me to rehearse the gospel to myself each day, not because I have to, but because it is good for me to bask in truth. Who Should Read It? I think every Christian should remind themselves of the gospel each day, and this book is a really useful tool for those not already in the habit of doing so. It clearly sets out 31 reasons why this habit is worthwhile investing time into, before giving a helpful summary to use in your regular meditation of the gospel. It is also a short pocket–guide, so you’ve got no reason not to read it, at least once, and hopefully every day until you can rehearse the gospel without prompting from this book.

Pippa Wakelin

The Glories of God’s Love

A wonderful reminder of all the treasures we have in Christ. I have read and re–read this for a spiritual shot–in–the–arm. It’s beautifully written and full of wisdom and truth. I often give copies away to friends who need reminding of the glorious gospel.

Anne Witton

The Glories of God’s Love

Milton Vincent's book is available in the US and elsewhere as 'The Gospel Primer'. This slim paperback is essentially the same volume, albeit with a little reorganisation (full Scripture references are not available at the foot of each page in this version). This is a kind of modern reinvention of the Catechism, but it is aimed at the discipline of catechising oneself, and focuses on the central idea that a regular rehearsal of the Gospel is of value in warming our hearts, and increasing our appreciation of what Christ has done for us. It works! My wife and I have read this book to each other on two occasions now, using it for our night-time devotions. It's a great way to share our appreciation of Christ, and to stimulate us to prayer. It is also very sensibly priced for anyone who wants to order multiple copies in order to be able to encourage Christian friends, home group members and other affinity groups that we might have influence over. A great book, and great value. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Kevin Moss

The Glories of God’s Love

I can honestly say that I have never found reading a book (other than the Bible) so enriching. This book is an absolute masterstroke. I found myself drinking in its truth deeply, smiling at the glorious vistas of the gospel that Milton paints and feeling my heart swell and quicken at the unfolding pages of gospel concentrate poured into every paragraph. The book is in 3 major parts. The first is Milton laying out 31 reasons why we must cultivate the practice of preaching the gospel to ourselves everyday. The 31 reasons are meaty, compelling, pithy and encouraging. After you finish the section the discipline of internal gospel proclamation is an absolute no–brainer. I enjoyed this section of the book and found myself underlining so many sentences and ideas that I needed to refill my propelling pencil. The second section is Milton laying out a gospel primer for his readers, firstly in prose form and then secondly in poetry form. I preferred the prose version, as some of the rhyming in the second recital is a bit distracting, this is very much personal preference. It is a rich, insightful and profound re–rendering of the gospel and I look forward to rehearsing it regularly to myself. The Bible cross references are also incredibly helpful in grounding the content and giving extra reading for these, the most beautiful of truths. The final section is Milton’s journey to writing the primer, it is honest, relatable and is a great finish to such a powerful book. I honestly haven’t read anything more engaging this year and doubt that I will in what remains. This was such a great book, I cannot recommend it enough for you to read and give away to anybody and everybody that you know.

Jonathan Gemmell

The Glories of God’s Love

I am extremely thankful for this book! God refreshed my soul very deeply through this book’s reminder of gospel truths. It made me more and more convinced that what I and all Christian believers need every day is the ongoing remembrance of the glories of God’s love for us revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And the way this book sets that out and helps the reader remember and treasure the wonder of the gospel is a fantastic blessing. I keep referring back to it, and keep giving copies to my friends!

Jonny Burgess

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