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The hardest questions to ask about Christianity (and some answers)

Michael Dormandy




The hardest questions to ask about Christianity (and some answers)

Michael Dormandy



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This book does not try to sound clever, or win an argument. It does aim to to introduce people to Jesus and the answers he gives to the hard questions we ask.

Many Christian young adults and teenagers have hard questions about their faith. Many non–Christians do, too. Michael and Carl take nine of the hardest, such as “Doesn’t Jesus ruin your fun?” “Why is there so much suffering?” and “Don’t Christians hate gay people?” These aren’t questions with easy answers; but, as they show, they are questions that have good answers. Written for people of all backgrounds and beliefs, it’s a book that is short but not simplistic, and clear but not condescending.

If you are a Christian struggling with these issues… if you want to have confidence to talk to your friends about these things… or if you are a non–Christian who wants answers to the hardest questions you can ask… grab this book.

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    Michael Dormandy

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    The Good Book Company

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    Answering Questions, Apologetics

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2.0 based on 1 review


There are some good chapters on particular apologetic issues like suffering and homosexuality. However it is weak on sin. Sin is presented as failing to follow God's wise instructions so that we miss out on the best life, rather than rebellion against a holy God. God is briefly mentioned as angry, but that begs the question: why is he angry? It is not adequately explained in this book. Therefore it is not really suitable to give to a non-Christian. However a discerning Christian could learn some helpful arguments.

Stephen Ayre

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