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Preaching Pure and Simple

Stuart Olyott



Preaching Pure and Simple

Stuart Olyott


What is preaching? Why is some preaching arresting and powerful, and some boring and flat? How do you prepare a sermon?

In his classic text, Stuart Olyott insists that a sermon should be rooted in accurate exegesis, characterised by doctrinal substance, Christ-centeredness and supernatural authority, as well as being clear, direct, vivid, helpful and moving.

Designed as a foundational introduction, but also a valuable refresher to seasoned preachers, this book presents a biblical model for exegetical preaching and includes a closing section that outlines a suggested method of sermon preparation.

Like the preaching of its author, this book is warm, clear, forthright, and straightforward. Stuart Olyott preaches with a deep care for his listeners and a passionate love for Jesus. I am glad this book has been made available for a new generation of preachers. It will do us good. Christopher Ash, Former Director of the Cornhill Training Course, London

Some few preachers learn how to preach on their own. Most of us need help and so we turn to books on how to preach. When one of the finest expository preachers of his generation puts pen to paper and lays out a theory and a method for preparation and preaching, you would be a fool to ignore it. Stuart Olyott is very prescriptive in this little book and few will want to follow every jot and tittle of what he recommends, although it would do no harm to try. Most will want to adapt what he teaches here and work out their own pattern. However, until his method has been examined and absorbed, you are needlessly putting yourself on the back foot. Get the book; read it; read it again and then implement its teaching, as best you know how. Who knows what good might come if more ministers were willing to do that. Gary Brady, Pastor of Childs Hill Baptist Church

This book is so much more than a mere ‘how to’ manual. Stuart knows what preaching is, and he gives us tools to pursue it. Briefly, clearly, warmly, practically, spiritually, scripturally, it sets out a lively and substantial framework for the preacher of God’s Word. Young men will find a foundation upon which to develop their gifts; more seasoned ministers will enjoy reminders and prompts to refresh and reinvigorate their public labours. God-honouring, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent preaching can be and should be pure and simple—Stuart’s excellent book brings the Bible to bear to help make it so. Jeremy Walker, Author and Pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church, Crawley

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    Preaching Pure and Simple

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    Stuart Olyott

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    Bryntirion Press

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    Adults, Church Leaders

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Preaching Pure and Simple

Wether you have ministered for years, or are just starting out, this is an essential addition to your library.

Noah Brooks

Preaching Pure and Simple

I thought the book was good but if you have read other books on 'preaching' and have a simple understanding of Exegesis, I wouldn't recommend it. Honest review...

Preaching Pure and Simple

This book is based on the author's preaching seminars held in England, Wales and Switzerland in years past. He begins with the basics, and defines what preaching is. From the New Testament, he shows that the preacher is to be a herald, evangelist, witness to the truth, and teacher. He then shows the key features of New Testament preaching, which are still to be factors in preaching today. Preaching is to be: * compelling * plain * Christ-centred. The second part of the book shows us the elements of good preaching. I have heard many sermons which were based on texts and passages. However, with all due respect, the preachers did not necessarily bring out the real meaning of their passage. Therefore, it is good to see a chapter on exegetical accuracy. The author encourages the preacher to study, and find the right context for the passage we aim to preach on. In addition, he gives tips on how a preacher can make better use of commentaries, lexicons, etc. This is followed by chapters on doctrinal substance, clear structure, vivid illustration and pointed application. There then follows a simple, practical chapter on the matter of helpful delivery, and includes points such as gestures, simple language and even the issue of the actual length of the sermon. The final section of this part is entitled 'Supernatural Authority.' Here's a subject that all preachers should take to heart, as it encourages the need of much prayer before preaching. The final part of the book covers a suggested method of preaching. This includes matters such as writing notes, study, as well as prayer before and after the sermon. The book then ends with a tribute to a preacher named Hugh Morgan. He was the pastor of an evangelical church in Newport for many years, and according to the author, he put into practice much of the principles outlined in this book. I will wholeheartedly recommend this book. It is very simple to understand and very practical too. After reading this, there should be no excuse for boring preaching! No matter how long you've been preaching for, this book will help you improve.

A. Young

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