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Is It True? Who Is Jesus?

Paul Pease and Brian Edwards



Is It True? Who Is Jesus?

Paul Pease and Brian Edwards



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No one in history has lived such a perfect, beautiful and significant life as
Jesus Christ.
His life, death, resurrection and his teaching have changed the story of our
Tragically, the Western world has side-lined Jesus today and most people have
little knowledge of who he is and what he accomplished.
The result is a society sinking into violence and moral decay. People are fed
with false ideas of Jesus that have nothing to do with either the Bible or
historical fact.
The evidence for the historical Jesus and his resurrection is strong. See the
booklet in this series Is it True? The resurrection of Jesus.
This booklet, Who is Jesus?, introduces the real Jesus: who he is, what he is
like, all that he accomplished and how you can know him for yourself.
Here you will discover the glory of his person and the pure dignity of his

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    Is It True? Who Is Jesus?

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    Paul Pease and Brian Edwards

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    Day One

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Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards

Brian Edwards is a Christian author, lecturer and teacher based in the United Kingdom. He has written more than twenty books include historical biographies, Christian theology and apologetics. His wider ministry includes preaching and lecturing both in the UK and abroad.

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Is It True? Who Is Jesus?

Often during outreach the conversation will need to be steered from topics on the periphery to whether the Bible is true and who is Jesus. This booklet sheds light on His historicity, identity, teachings, deity, character and message. This will enable the believer to sharpen their witness by providing succinct and relevant points in their gospel witness and will help the seeker to carefully consider and examine the life changing claims that Jesus made.

Jonathan Taylor

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