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The Resurrection

The Unopened Gift

Gerard Chrispin

The Resurrection

The Unopened Gift

Gerard Chrispin


The fourth edition of this book presents the evidence that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead, producing an empty tomb and a living Saviour.

The book simply and straightforwardly answers arguments against Christ’s resurrection and gives reasons why we know He is alive.

It then majors on some amazing blessings and advantages experienced by those who now trust in the risen Jesus.

This multi-faceted gift is offered to all who turn from sin and put their faith in Christ.

Many people rightly believe that Jesus is alive, but some fail to receive and open the gifts included in the salvation package He gives.

This edition contains evidence, in a new Appendix, both from the Bible and from reliable sources outside the Bible. 

  • Title

    The Resurrection

  • Author(s)

    Gerard Chrispin

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    Day One

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    Adults, Enquirer / Seeker

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