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The Marble Curse

Novel from a biblical worldview for 8 - 12s

Richard Vincent


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The Marble Curse

Novel from a biblical worldview for 8 - 12s

Richard Vincent


The grandfather clock gave a single chime. It was a quarter past one, but two hundred years in the past...

Eleven-year-old Joe Raven is an inventor. He spends his time creating small gadgets with extraordinary power.

After discovering a note from the mysterious Granelda seeking help to overcome a vicious curse, he and his sister, Beth, are catapulted back to 1789.

With evil spreading and time running out, what will it take to defeat the Marble Curse? Joe’s belief in gadgets, or Beth’s confidence in something more?

Ideal for ages 9-12.

"There is a strong spiritual message woven through the story which is communicated sensitively and honestly. I can't wait for my granddaughter (nearly two) to be a few years older so I can share it with her!"

- Grandparent

"5 stars! No! 6 stars! It was amazing, gripping and tense. Great main characters. The main villain is disguised at first and I love that."

- 8-12 year-old reader

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  • Title

    The Marble Curse

  • Author(s)

    Richard Vincent

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    Reformation Lightning

  • Age Range

    8-11s, 12-14s

  • Audience

    Children, Youth

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Overall rating

4.4 based on 8 reviews


I loved this book and couldn’t put it down! The goodies won in the end though only at the very end!


It was an amazing book and I thought it was very entertaining. After every single page, I was left in suspense, agony or joy! I did not quite get the moral about God, but I saw how the book's first 8 chapters linked towards trusting in God. (Kesia, 10)

full of plot twists

If you enjoy adventure books with lots of plot twists, then this book is definitely for you. I enjoyed the author’s style of writing and the way everything eventually linked together, but I found the quests and names a bit confusing at the start. (Tolu - 12 )

Exciting read

This is an exciting tale of good versus evil and lots of mystery which I liked. The characters and the plot were both interesting. James, 10

An absolute must-read!!!

The Marble Curse is a book of uncertainty, friendship, and clever thinking, with some technology and acting thrown in. It's a bit scary at times, so I would recommend it to people 8 - 12. And remember, don't judge a book by its cover. Nat (10)

Back in time thriller

A mysterious eighteenth century thriller for all passions (especially acting and inventing) jammed with gadgets and gismos with a faint touch of Shakespeare and, of course, sugar! Katherine (Aged 10)

A Brilliant Book - Lucy (8)

The Marble Curse was brilliant. It's about two children who found a letter and a box from a mysterious woman. They went to a hall and travelled back in time to the olden days. It was exciting and it was an adventure. 8-9 year olds will love it. Lucy (aged 8)

Two children travel back in time to solve a marble mystery

I liked that it is filled with adventure and mystery, and very slightly funny. It is a little bit scary so I recommend it for 8-10 year old. - Elissa


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