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How to enjoy God, find hope and bear fruit through midlife and the menopause

Sarah Allen


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How to enjoy God, find hope and bear fruit through midlife and the menopause

Sarah Allen



Pause to see menopause & midlife through Scripture's transforming lens

There are some things we’d rather not face – and midlife is definitely one of them. Who wants to look in the mirror and see their mother? But when our minds feel foggy and pressures mount, we need to pause rather than panic.

Dealing candidly with the struggles of midlife and menopause, Sarah Allen offers a refreshing biblical perspective to changing emotions, bodies and lives.

Selected commendations:

"You just turned 45! You’re feeling trapped and tempted to make choices that will devastate your life. What can you do? Pause wisely relates these signs of midlife to a choice we all have—to grow or self-destruct. With humour, transparency, and biblical wisdom, Sara Allen reveals truth we may never know on our own. God designs a glorious purpose for us in this awkward time of life—to grow!"

Barbara Reaoch, Director of Bible Study Fellowship International, Children’s Division

"Sarah Allen shows how women can find comfort and joy even in the toughest parts of this phase of life. This is a great little read, not only for women, but for husbands and pastors to help the women they care about."

Rev'd Dr Michael Reeves, President and Professor of Theology at Union School of Theology

"Pause is helpful, realistic, reassuring, encouraging, and uplifting all at once. It is a wonderful reminder that God still has work for us to do. Full of hope. Thank you, Sarah."

Carolyn & Christopher Ash, Pastor, author and writer in residence at Tyndale House

"As Sarah walks through some of the challenges that greet women in midlife, she winsomely and compassionately holds out Christ as the one to treasure and trust through it all. It’s a book that will grow your understanding and empathy, but most of all, it’s a book that will gently lead you to hold onto Christ."

Sarah Dargue, Co-host of Two Sisters & a Cup of Tea podcast and author of Bumps, Babies and the Gospel

"I’m so glad Sarah wrote this book! Getting older is not for the fainthearted and hormonal issues are real, but books on these topics are rare. Sarah gives practical advice saturated in the gospel with plenty of real-life illustrations. She helps us remember that our ultimate hope is not in staying young forever but in an eternity with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Keri Folmar, author of The Good Portion

A great read for:

  • Women in or approaching middle age
  • Those in pastoral ministry
  • Book groups & church fellowship groups

Key features:

  • Honest look at menopause & midlife
  • Biblical application for real life challenges
  • Broad spread of topics: family responsibilities, past disappointment, future ambition...
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    Sarah Allen

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    Life's Challenges

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Overall rating

4.0 based on 2 reviews

Honest, humorous and heartening

Allen's literary skill, along with understanding the pastoral problem and the gospel solution, makes this a pertinent and engaging read, filled with hope and encouragement.

Taken from Rebekah Brown's book review in Evangelicals Now, August 2024

Rebekah Brown, pastor's wife, ELT Baptist Church, Mile End


Having not thought much about this topic previously, I found this book really insightful! It covers more than just menopause, also tackling the other difficulties that crop up during midlife that are often going on alongside menopause. I'm grateful for how it will help me both look biblically at the difficulties I am likely to face later in life, and for how it will help me to care for the friends I have going through some of the things mentioned throughout this book.

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