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Made and Remade in the Image of God

Ros Clarke




Made and Remade in the Image of God

Ros Clarke


Being human is complicated! Our bodies, intellects and emotions are all God-given gifts, but we so often find them in varying states of disorder. How then, can we become the full bearers of God's image that we were made to be?

In response to this profound question, Ros Clarke helpfully outlines what the Bible has to say about the nature of humanity. Addressing our status as created beings; our purpose in God’s world; our nature as body and soul; and our fall away from God, Human unpacks questions around the issues of identity, sexuality and gender. It then turns to Christ's example as the perfect human, and considers Jesus' teaching about each of us being loved, valued and redeemed. A teaching that remains foundational for all discussions around important topics like inclusivity, disability and race.

Written with both humour and pastoral concern, and including a study guide to aid personal reflection and group discussion, this book will help you consider afresh what it means to be a human.

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    Ros Clarke

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    Life's Challenges, Gender & Sexuality

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Helpful, honest and insightful

In this book Ros gives wonderfully explained and well researched descriptions of what is and what it means to be 'made in the image of God'. She explores what implications that has for us - how we treat ourselves, how we treat others, how we live in all sorts of relationships, and does it all through the lens of Biblical teaching and truth. I have already bought copies for friends and will be re-reading, highlighting and scribbling in the margins of my own copy!

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