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Looking at Good, Evil, and Personal Suffering

Sharon Dirckx


Looking at Good, Evil, and Personal Suffering

Sharon Dirckx


Why do bad things happen in our world? Why does God allow suffering? If he exists, why doesn’t he do something?

Of all the hurdles to faith, suffering must be the greatest. But how do we answer the question of ‘Why?’ in a credible, satisfying way?

In this revised and updated edition of an award-winning book that
has helped thousands in their journey of faith, scientist Sharon Dirckx explores some of the most agonizing and bewildering questions we all ask. With compassionate warmth and insight, she o
ffers advice to help us cope with suffering and difficulties. Alongside, she interweaves her own experiences and the personal stories of individuals who have faced some of life’s toughest challenges, showing us that it is possible to believe in a powerful loving God and acknowledge the reality of evil and suffering.

Why? is a book for anyone who has questioned how suffering and a compassionate God can coexist. It will help you better understand the nature of God in Christianity, and will equip you to answer the question of ‘Why?’ with confidence and clarity. It is also an ideal apologetics book to give to friends and family just beginning on their faith journey or who are struggling and looking for answers.

If you have ever asked or wondered why God allows suffering, Sharon Dirckx’s gentle wisdom in Why? will help you see life from a new perspective – one that makes more, not less, sense of our hurting world.

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    Sharon Dirckx

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    Suffering & Loss

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