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Am I Just My Brain?

Body, mind and soul: What exactly is the essence of a human being?

Sharon Dirckx



Am I Just My Brain?

Body, mind and soul: What exactly is the essence of a human being?

Sharon Dirckx


Modern research is uncovering more and more detail of what our brain is and how it works. We are living, thinking creatures who carry around with us an amazing organic supercomputer in our heads.

But what is the relationship between our brains and our minds—and ultimately our sense of identity as a person? Are we more than machines? Is free-will an illusion? Do we have a soul?

Brain scientist Sharon Dirckx lays out the current understanding of who we are from biologists, philosophers, theologians and psychologists, and points towards a bigger picture, that suggests answers to the fundamental questions of our existence. Not just "What am I?", but "Who am I?"—and "Why am I?"

Read this book to gain valuable insight into what modern research is telling us about ourselves, or to give a sceptical friend to challenge the idea that we are merely material beings living in a material world.

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    Am I Just My Brain?

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    Sharon Dirckx

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    Questioning Faith

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    The Good Book Company

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    Life's Challenges

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Am I Just My Brain?

Modern materialistic science reduces people to just their brains, even their actions being determined by them. Dirckx persuasively argues that is not the case. Some pointers: it is remarkable how much human personality survives even in very damaged brains; near death experiences suggest the existence of a non-corporeal entity in our bodies (aka a soul); determinism undermines human responsibility and flies in the face of human experience (often we don't do what our bodies want to do); psychosomatic illness shows that the mind also affects the body (it is not a one-way street). Throughout Dirckx shows that this all fits with the Bible. We have minds because we were created by an entity with a mind (God), and we are made in his image. The topic of evolution is wisely avoided in this focused book. One to read and give away.

Stephen Ayre

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