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Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God

William Boekestein


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Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God

William Boekestein


The story of Jonah is one of the most familiar in the Bible. Every child will eventually meet this stubborn prophet who got swallowed by a great fish. Jonah’s example may not be the great missionary tale we’re hoping for. Yet if we’re honest, we can relate to Jonah far more than we would like to admit.

In Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God, William Boekestein shows us God’s saving power in our Jonah-like weakness. Offering key insights on how to understand Jonah, he examines the historicity of the book and unfolds the text with careful exegesis and practical application. Through Jonah’s example, we will learn to see the pattern of our stubborn hearts and the blessing of God’s faithful love for the lost.



“Bill Boekestein’s masterful little work on Jonah is everything that an introductory Bible Study guide should be: exegetically faithful, doctrinally sound, practically helpful, experientially warm, and colorfully written.”

Dr. Joel R Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids

“William Boekestein’s Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God is a delightfully written text of value for any committed Christian. The book is not only well written but also carefully researched. For him, rightly so, Jonah is fact not fiction. He uncovers Jonah’s heart and makes many connections between that heart which beat so many centuries ago and our own. Boekestein also takes his readers deeply into the text and uncovers important theological as well as practical truths. The author draws our eyes beyond Jonah and points us to Christ. A highly recommended work.”

Dr. Richard C. Gamble, Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“This book is a powerful reminder that we need to stay focused on serving the Lord and not ourselves in the work to which he calls us ... I was tremendously blessed myself from the study ... it was inspiring and, in fact, life changing to me.”

Dr. Robert S. Rapp, Emeritus church planter and pastor

“William Boekestein exhibits sensitivity both to the text as God authored it and to the Christian as one needing to be shepherded. The book brims with helpful application as well as explanation of the text. ... Compelling!”

Paul T. Murphy, Church planter and missions speaker

“Drawn from the biblical text, theologically and experientially rich, and relevant for our daily lives, this study on Jonah should be read, meditated upon, and put into practice. May it receive the reading it deserves!”

Daniel Timmer, Professor of Biblical Studies for the Doctoral Program at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids) and Professeur d’Ancien Testament at the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique (Montreal)


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    Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God

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    William Boekestein

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    Evangelical Press

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    Church Leaders

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William Boekestein

William Boekestein

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Stubborn Prophet, Faithful God

This book consists of 183 pages and 234 references and is a study on the book of Jonah. It is theologically and biblically informed with some very interesting excursuses, for example, a theology of animals! The author points us to Christ and challenges the reader directly, asking ‘When did you…?’ Part three of the book tackles ethical questions in Jonah: knowing God’s will; fasting and the care of animals. I appreciated the author’s suggestion to ‘make little decisions well.’ Study questions are included at the end of the book for each chapter, which means that this excellent little volume would be useful for small group Bible studies.

Sheila Stephen, Evangelical Magazine

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