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A Better Story

God, Sex and Human Flourishing

Glynn Harrison



A Better Story

God, Sex and Human Flourishing

Glynn Harrison


The 1960s heralded a sexual revolution, transforming society’s vision for sex and relationships.

With an appealing narrative of freedom and authenticity, the revolution won the hearts and minds of many.

The church’s leaders and faltering apologists seem overwhelmed.

And biblical Christians tend to react defensively rather than offering a compelling vision of their own. Many young Christians are questioning whether the gospel really is good news in this area

But what if…

We faced up honestly to our sub–Christian culture of shame?

Re–imagined what it means to made sexual in the image of God? 

Remembered that we flourish when we live in harmony with God s design?

And left behind the broken promises of the sexual revolution to tell a better story of our own?

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    A Better Story

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    Glynn Harrison

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    Gender & Sexuality

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    Adults, Church Leaders

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Overall rating

4.8 based on 5 reviews

A Better Story

Whilst this book may not be the easiest read, it is packed full of practical, biblical analysis of the sexual revolution. Glynn Harrison presents the truth in a loving and compassionate way, encouraging Christians to think differently about how we respond to the sexual revolution in a biblical way. I wouldn’t naturally have gravitated to this book, but I am glad it was recommended to me and I am truly grateful I read it, it really is a game–changer.

Asha Joseph

A Better Story

Harrison shows how the sexual revolution was underpinned by a story of human benefits. He gives an approach on how to push back, by illustrating the sexual revolution’s failure to actually benefit society, and the better story of the Gospel and sex within the marriage covenant as a pointer to God’s covenant love for his people. One star off because he says that evolution is plausible, whereas belief in evolution is one of the reasons we are in this mess.

Stephen Ayre

A Better Story

The sexual revolution has left the church on the back foot since the 1960s. Christians who uphold an orthodox view of Christian sexual ethics face being labelled as wrong, immoral, dangerous and even oppressive, for holding positions on sex and marriage that were the cultural norm within the last fifty years. Harrison uncovers the roots of the sexual revolution, shows how its advocates have turned it into a compelling story that has ultimately failed to deliver on its promises. In the final third of the book, Harrison turns to show how the church can recover from the shock of this changing culture, to demonstrate the goodness of God's view of sex and relationships, and ultimately to display to the world the truthfulness of the gospel. I wasn't looking forward to reading this book (who enjoys books about sexual ethics, morality, and culture?!!) but I found myself thrilled by it. Harrison writes in an engaging tone, with a clear measured manner, chapters are concise, and there's useful key points at the end of each chapter. This book is jaw-droppingly good and should be essential reading for all thinking Christians.

Gareth Russell

A Better Story

Anyone who has benefited from Glynn Harrison's insight and wisdom personally will be as delighted as I am that this book shares his research and thinking with a wider audience. We all need his balanced analysis of the sexual revolution, his criticism of both secular and church idolatry, and his call for all Christians to start living out the better story we have in the pages of scripture. At last we have a clear rallying cry to not just circle the wagons but confidently, effectively and compassionately demonstrate that we have a better way to live as followers of Jesus. A truly better story that brings life to our world.

Ed Shaw

A Better Story

'A Better Story' looks at the culture change that occurred with the sexual revolution, fuelled by powerful stories which altered perspectives on sex, marriage, relationships and gender. The book examines how the revolution happened, why it was successful, and why we still fall for its false promises today, in spite of the evidence of its failure to deliver. Not only that, but the book highlights the church's failure to respond adequately to the culture change, before reminding us of the gospel and pointing us forward to the certain hope which sex and marriage were created to foreshadow. The reader is challenged to examine their own heart, and their own response to the revolution, before the author paves the way for a more effective response, suggesting that we need to tell the world 'A Better Story'. This is a must read for anybody in ministry, including student and youth workers, as well as for Christians who are serious about confronting the false promises of our culture with the wonderful news of the gospel.

Alex Hays

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