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Hope Reborn

How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus

Tope Koleoso and Adrian Warnock



Hope Reborn

How to Become a Christian and Live for Jesus

Tope Koleoso and Adrian Warnock



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Everyone is looking for hope and meaning in life. This book focuses on the central message of the Bible and includes a practical step by step guide on how to become a Christian.Are you sure that you really are a Christian and will live forever with Jesus? If you have drifted away, this book encourages you to come back and find certain hope.

  • Title

    Hope Reborn

  • Author(s)

    Tope Koleoso and Adrian Warnock

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    Christian Focus Publications

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5.0 based on 2 reviews

Hope Reborn

This book is a great introduction to what it means to become a Christian, and to the early stages of the Christian life. This book would certainly be useful for somebody trying to understand the Christian faith more clearly, and I would be eager to give it to a new Christian to help them as they begin their new life in Christ!

Alex Hays

Hope Reborn

Hope Reborn is a very clear book written in simple terms yet covering weighty subjects as it uses the key beliefs within Christianity to show why we need Jesus, how he can save us and how we then go about becoming a Christian and following Jesus in our daily lives. At just over 100 pages, it is relatively short and therefore suitable for Christians to give away, as well as read themselves. Broadly the first half of the book focusses on the gospel message and becoming a Christian, whilst the second half relates to life after becoming a Christian, including a chapter each on reading the Bible and prayer. I think this book would be very helpful for non-Christians who are already engaged in trying to understand Christianity, new Christians or indeed older Christians wanting a clear simple explanation of the Christian faith either as a reminder for them or to help in their evangelism. It is perhaps less suited to non-Christians at the early stages of considering Christianity given some of the complex issues (e.g. a brief 2-page summary of the Trinity) and the amount of the book devoted to life after becoming a Christian. Having said that, the first two chapters cover the core gospel message and will challenge any who read them to think further. Overall I was struck by how clear, yet not superficial, this book is in describing the key Christian beliefs in way that will challenge the reader to investigate further and I would certainly recommend it.

Alexander Browning

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