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Questioning Your Way to Faith

Mike McGarry


Questioning Your Way to Faith

Mike McGarry


It’s ok for you to have questions about your faith. You aren’t the only one that has those questions, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. In Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith, Mike McGarry explores the twenty most common questions teenagers ask.  

In nearly twenty years as a youth pastor, Mike has heard just about every question students ask. Your questions are important—and they may prove to be the very thing that actually leads you into deeper faith. Discover covers a wide range of questions that teens like you ask about faith including: Why does God allow suffering? Why should we trust the Bible? Is church relevant? Does God care about my sexual identity? and more.  

Mike wants you to see your questions as an opportunity to dig deeper and grow in your faith. Each chapter is short and tackles important topics such as doubt, the resurrection, tolerance, sexual issues, prayer, and more. He thinks you will be encouraged to see what God has to say.  

  • Equips you to help you answer the questions your friends have.
  • Helps you to understand what the Bible teaches about the issues we face today in everyday life. 
  • Shows how doubt and questioning can be a pathway to greater faith. 
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    Mike McGarry

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    New Growth Press

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