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The Scuttlebutt Letters

Natalie Brand



The Scuttlebutt Letters

Natalie Brand


Scuttlebutt (naval slang for the ship’s gossip) is the affectionate nickname given to the tongue by his correspondent in these letters. The letter–writer reprimands the tongue for steering the whole person into catastrophe, for enjoying little morsels of gossip, for creating smokescreens of lies.

But it turns out that you can’t change the tongue without changing the heart. And once the heart encounters the true Word, the tongue’s words becomes even more important, as it becomes praisemaker, doxologist and theologian. An encouraging short book for anyone who struggles to keep their words under control.

Selected commendations:

"Natalie Brand has written in a disarming style, and with frightening accuracy, of the way our tongues get out of control with gossip, exaggeration, lies, deflection, boasting, ridicule and more. I was not sure at times whether to laugh, wince or cry, but it is a healthy reflection leading to repentance, as we place our trust in the one who spoke with truth, wisdom and grace."

Graham Nicholls, Director, Affinity

"If everything you say is always loving and life–giving then you can give this book a miss. For the rest of us, The Scuttlebutt Letters is a great resource. Drawing deeply on biblical wisdom, its intriguing and engaging presentation hits home time after time. It not only dissects the good and bad of our speech; it offers true hope."

Tim Chester, Author and senior faculty at Crosslands Training 

"Not since we last heard from Wormwood’s uncle, has an author so masterfully employed Lewis’s Screwtape motif to simultaneously entertain, expose, convict and challenge the human heart. This book is a sanctified riot!"

Reggie Weems, Pastor; C.S. Lewis researcher

"A modern allegory to deal with the age–old problem of keeping our lips under control … clever, funny and a powerful reminder that at heart it is our hearts which need changing."

Ros Clarke, Associate Director, Church Society

"Natalie has written a rare jewel – something not only deliciously playful but also theologically rich and deeply convicting. With deftly crafted, witty prose, she ultimately leads our convicted hearts and tongues to the sweetest Word, Christ himself."

Felicity Carswell and Sarah Dargue, Hosts: Two Sisters and a Cup of Tea podcast

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    The Scuttlebutt Letters

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    Natalie Brand

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    Christian Focus Publications

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5.0 based on 1 review

Loved it!

I can't recommend this book highly enough! In a mere 95 pages Natalie Brand delivers an autopsy of the human tongue (and ultimately the human heart). She does this with a unique and captivating writing style that turns the mirror on the reader and uses humour to cleverly expose the depths of our deprived hearts. At times it made for a painful read and I laughed and cried in equal measure. Ultimately it displays both our need for God's mercy and the abundance of his grace to us. If there is one book that I would recommend to a friend (or indeed church) this year, it would be this one!

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