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Questioning Evangelism (3rd Edition)

Engaging People's Hearts the Way Jesus Did

Randy Newman

Questioning Evangelism (3rd Edition)

Engaging People's Hearts the Way Jesus Did

Randy Newman


You don't need to memorize evangelical formulas or answers. You just have to be willing to ask questions.

There was something different about the way Jesus communicated with the lost: He didn't force answers upon people; He asked questions. So why don't we?

Campus ministry veteran Randy Newman has been using a questioning style of evangelism for years. In this thought-provoking book, he provides practical insights to help Christians engage others in meaningful spiritual conversations. To Newman, asking questions challenges how we think about unbelievers, their questions, and our message, instead of telling unbelievers what to think.

A perennial best-seller, this third edition includes both revisions of current chapters, such as an expanded discussion on LGBTQ+ issues and the debate on transgenderism, and new chapters that ponder issues such as science and suffering.

"Distilled out of twenty years of personal evangelism, this book reflects both a deep grasp of biblical theology and a penetrating compassion for people--and finds a way forward in wise, probing questions. How very much like the Master Himself!"
--D. A. Carson, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"Questioning Evangelism steps outside the boundaries of evangelism as usual and tackles the tougher issues of our modern day."
--Mitch Glaser, Chosen People Ministries

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    Questioning Evangelism (3rd Edition)

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    Randy Newman

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    Evang / Mission

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Questioning Evangelism (3rd Edition)

Questioning Evangelism (3rd Edition)

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